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Disk structure is corrupt and unreadable


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Good Day all

Im sorry if posting this is in the wrong section.

I'm in desperate need of some advice / help please. My hard drive crashed last night...
What happened was, i shutdown my pc and when powering up again it came with a repairing disk (running chkdsk) and then it didn't finish, so restarted again to no avail...sometimes boots to just before Windows then hangs just before login screen (stuck on black screen)

I setup another Hard drive and booted from it to Windows, and can see in Disk manager this particular disk shows Healthy Partition, and even shows the correct amount of Free space prior to the incident.

But when trying to browse the drive it shows "Disk structure is corrupt and unreadable." ( will add a pic if needed)
Hard drive is still fairly new, health was excellent in HD Sentinel prior to it happening the works.

Some people suggested running Chkdsk again, but im too scared to do so since, might repair and leave me with just a bunch of CHK files.

I got a quote from Data recovery services but it is insanely expensive.

Please anyone with some advice / help how to fix this, im going out of my mind here, it was a 500GB drive and all my data was on there. I will even go as far as making a PayPal contribution to the one that manages to solve this for me.

Thanks for reading and in advance.

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