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Solved CD/DVD rom disappears


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I hope I am in the right area and if not I apologize. I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and I just noticed a weird issue that I am not sure how to fix.

Current system is an AsRock Z97 Extreme 4 board, 8GB of ram, with various hard drives and an SSD. It also had a CD/DVD burner. the SSD is C:, I have a 160GB platter ad D: and then my CD/DVD is E: and then there are about 3 other drives. When I connect another drive via either a free sata port or if I connect my external via USB which has a hard drive in it, the CD/DVD disappears and the hard drive I am connecting now becomes E:. Then if I remove the drive the CD/DVD never comes back.

So some questions. Why is it when I connect it seems to over ride the CD/DVD rom letter (E:) to the new drive? And then how do I get it back? Only way I can get it back currently is to disconnect all the drives with the exception of C and D and then it appears.

If I put a media disc in, it does not play or anything. Is there some setting to say "when I connect anything, never use E:?


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I have an idea that has worked for me for some time. Your SSD OS is C; use Microsoft diskmanager to assign the letter I to your internal cd\dvd drive. Make sure your data drive is "hard-wired" with the letter D. That should lock in your three main drives. If you use a flash drive quite often, and it is plugged into the same usb port over and over - assign it the letter Z.

One reason for all my computer internal cd\dvd reader/writers being assigned the letter I:
A lot of installs via that device, during any reinstalls, often look for the same drive and same drive letter that installed 'em in the first place. Yes, you can work around it, however, why not simply have I reign supreme and be done with it?

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