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Bitlocker hdd no longer a volume? (I have recovery key)


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So my old motherboard went kaput and I bought a new one and installed a fresh Win 8.1.

The problem is, one of my hard drives was encrypted with BitLocker.

I have a recovery key but the hdd doesn't show up with a letter in Win8.1. When I type "list disk" in Diskpart I can see my bitlocker hdd. I have tried to assign a letter but DiskPart says it has no volumes to assign letter.

I have my bitlocker recovery key but I can't use it without volume letter??

Any help/ideas?

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I ran into something at least vaguely similar when I tried adding a new internal HDD to my computer. I ended up having to disable secure boot at least one time to let the new drive get picked up by the OS, then I could format it and all the rest and re-enable secure boot. Seems at least worth a try while someone else thinks up something better.

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