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Anything that is in full screen mode randomly minimizes.


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So for a while now I've had an issue where anything that's in full screen it will randomly minimize. This includes games and videos. I don't get notifications from any programs. Sometimes it'll minimize once an hour and sometimes it'll minimize every 5 minutes so it's totally random. I've searched literally everywhere for a fix and I just cannot find a single one. Please if anyone has had this issue leave you solution here. I'm currently running windows 8.1.

I should probably also say that if i'm running a game in full screen it minimizes but if i have a video playing on a browser in full screen it'll just go to windowed mode.

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A possible solution, not guaranteed:

If you're a little bit expert in computers and know what you're doing, maybe go to the Task Manager -> Details tab -> end task all non-System Programs (and also write down on a piece of paper all the programs you ended!!!) then try running a full screen program for a long period of time. If it stays maximized, then lucky you! You found where the problem is coming from... it's from some application you ended.

Now comes the crap part of figuring out how to completely fix this... lol.

Restart your computer. Once computer loads up, open Task Manager and end the first program on your hand written list piece of paper. Close Task Manager. Run your Full screen game or movie or whatever. Play your game for the longest time possible; ignore that you have this problem. Let's say the game minimizes... then that program you ended had nothing to do with anything. Cross it off your list.

Shouldn't matter if you restart the computer or not. But don't restart if you don't have to.

Open Task Manager, end the second program you have on your list... open your game, play it for a long time.. if it minimizes... then the second program isn't the cause of your problem. Cross it off your list.

Keep doing so until you reach a point to where no full screen program is ever getting minimized again! YAY problem solved! Figure out what program that was.. open it, go to its settings, see what's going on with it. If you can't find anything in its settings that is a solution... maybe uninstall it? You can decide what to do from there.

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