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Added new local account and have issues... Win 8.1


I added a new local account with admin privileges. Now if I boot into or sign into my main account FIRST that I have had for a long time all is well with this new local account. By that statement I mean startup tasks are run from my main account that you can see under Task Manager, all icons are shown on LOCAL account, etc...

BUT if I restart computer and select (or computer auto selects) the new local account ( my mouse, keyboard are disabled- useless), cannot hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, and no icons are shown on the screen for this local account. Only thing I can do is to hard power off computer and boot into safe mode and then I can get into my main account I have had for a long time. Then switch user over to the local account

If I look at any startup tasks under that local account none are shown. Seems there are none here.

To get around this local account issue:
I simply can just log into my MAIN account(and I guess that launches what is needed) and then keep that MAIN account signed in and let other user switch to the local account.



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