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Have you set Windows Firewall to control oubound as well? It is disabled by default.
You can also use something like Windows 8 Firewall Control: Sphinx Software
It doesn't matter. Windows Firewall will let anything from MS through no matter what you do. Which is why it's important to always use a third party Firewall that asks you about every single thing communicating with the network if you want to allow/block once or always. That's why Online Armor is so great. It's runs light, and will do ask for every bit of communication.So I disabled Windows Firewall, and installed it.

I'm not sure what Sphinx is capable of. It says that it's base on the same security core as Windows Firewall. So I'm not sure how it would treat any inbound/outbound attempts by anything from Windows or MS. If not, then it would be far better than Online Armor by the looks of it. Very simple and very light.