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    Quote Originally Posted by OldXPuser View Post
    I just made the switch from XP over to windows 8. And I was wondering if my OLD picture it 7.0 program would work on this new win8?..I loved that program. It was easy to use and did a lot for what I needed without 500 buttons or layers. If I wanted that I'd go purchase adobe photo shop.

    Anyway, please tell me I can still use my beloved picture it 7.0 on my new windows 8. After eleven years. of using it I could probably operate it with my eyes closed.

    Windows 7 install of Picture iT 2000 fails - SOLVED

    I have installed successfully on WIn 7 some time ago and never managed to repeat this install. I have just installed successfully on two Win 7 computers, so I think I can report a work around. Installation on Windows 8 seems to be successful.

    For Windows 7, You will require OEM install disks of earlier releases without SP1. It is this that appears to cause the problem.

    Install Windows 7 but do not update.

    Install Picture iT 2000 in administrator mode eg. right click and run.

    Don't bother with the flash, just dismiss.

    When you run PI you need to run in administrator mode. You can either right click or set the properties of the launch icon. You will need to OK the UAC each time you run the program. This is no big deal though.

    When you start the program adjust settings as required but untick the intro movie as this requires flash.

    After you get PI installed you can proceed with installation of other old software such as office 97, 2000, etc. Most old software will play nice if you install before you update.

    Finally update your computer. If you have more than one machine you may find Portable Update useful.

    Hope this helps someone.


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    Almost a year ago someone said they would point out modern alternatives to picture it for features used. I used it mainly for collages with smaller images placed on a large background image with the "cutouts" and especially edge fade to transparent. Is there another program that will do this with a few simple clicks? Not a 2 hour per image photoshop process??
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    My favorite Windows desktop program that does great collages is Shape Collage.

    Phototastic is good for a Modern app. There's Cool Collage. There's El Collagero. There's Memorylage. So many to try out in the Windows Store.
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    Hi there.

    Either run Picture It on a Windows Virtual Machine or why not try THE GIMP -- it also works on WINDOWS and unless you are a PRO photographer / pre-press designer you probably don't need the full Photoshop suite in any case -- used to be expensive but it's gone SUBSCRIPTION mode only now.

    (If you don't need all the latest gizmos though Photoshop CS2 is still available (FREE) as ABANDONWARE and the generic keys all work LEGALLY - just google a bit). I'd get a copy of that as a good learning tool and also try THE GIMP (Free).

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    GIMP - Downloads

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    photoshop is terrible for collages. gimp is even worse.
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    To those who keep saying Picture It (PI) is just an image apparently never used this wonderful little program and are so misguided. There are things this program has in terms of text creation, frames, borders, clipart, photo adaptation, etc (you name it) that just isn't available anywhere without going to Adobe CS which is very complicated and expensive (was almost $2000) and now requires a subscription at approx $50 a month for the core items that allows you do what I could do on Picture It for less than $20 purchase. The only other way is to buy or find free programs (takes several) to accomplish the same thing by developing each item and then finally merging into a final piece. I have ran several business using this program to create business docs and ad pieces and had people at Kinkos ask who designed my pieces. When I tell them I did it, they usually indicated I must be using CS (and did I want some business) and thus I tell them no I'm not a pro and no to CS, yes to business, and I am using Picture It. I have an associate who had a graphic design service a number of yrs ago with lots of money tied up in CS and CDraw and many many times she reverted to Picture It to get things done that she couldn't do in the others and add ins without a lot of time and as we know time is money. I started using PI on a PC with windows, word perfect/lotus (if that tells you my age) upgrades through to XP and Microsoft office. I now have an apple imac which I love, running Mavericks and use Pages/keynote plus Win Office 2011 for the Mac. However iPhoto falls short on all levels and the graphic pieces in the word processing and presentation modules are getting more complicated and yet still don't do what I need. I run win Xp on my mac through Parallels but now I am being forced to upgrade it which means I will also have to upgrade my windows which means I may or may not get to keep my Picture It. With all the people out there begging for PI it amazes me they dropped it because the last thing it is - is just a photo editor! There are hundreds of those out there for cutesy crap but no good, simple to use graphics design type package for a reasonable price.
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    Sometimes the simplest programs are the best, personally, I've used a lot of different graphics programs but sometimes you just can't get what you want with anything else but MS Paint.

    Stick with what you like and what you know and what works best for you
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    MS Paint works good for pasting/pasting special after which I can use postimage to get the final image.

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    Hi Guys l was having compatibility problems running Picture it 99 on my new desktop with win 8.1, then l saw someone mention try running as administrator and it seems to run without a problem. just right click on the pic it icon on your desktop and then click on run as administrator and off she goes.might try the same thing on some of the other troublesome programs since upgrading to 64bit
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    I have not tried PictureIt! on Windows 8 because I have heard it does not have a Compatibility Mode, although I run it (barely!) under Windows 7 Home Premium.... I have been avoiding upgrading to Windows 10 for this very reason. Does anyone know if Windows 10 HAS the ability to tell apps to use an XP Compatibility Mode as Windows 7 does? If so, I know I can run PictureIt! at least the way I am now - I can't print greeting cards the way I used to do (it won't recognize backgrounds and I have to save to .jpg files before I print - it can't print directly from .pngs right, etc.). But it's better than nothing!
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