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Microsoft Windows Not Responding

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    Ok, again a long time without a response but this time I was busy doing something with the computer
    To be safe I went to a guy my friend new and he performed the driver clean for me. He also did a drive scan and it didn't report any problems with the drive. The driver cleaner did not seem to fix the problem, but the guy offered to perform a "defragmentation" on the computer. As far as I know it's some kind of reformatting of the hard drive.

    Thanks to everyone for sticking with me as I tried to identify the problem, all the help is greatly appreciated.

    Anyways, the computer actually runs fine now but I guess I'll never know what was actually causing the problem (the defragmentation was done as a general fix rather than pinpointing the specific source of the problem). I've been testing for about 3 weeks now and it's been running smoothly, but is there any chance that something will break again or the original problem will return? I mean, the computer has got to be at least 2 years old by now but other than the freezing problem I didn't notice any signs of wearing down.

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    Defragmentation is not that what you think, it's just supposed to move parts of the files and files next to each other in as continuous fashion as possible and so speed up reading of the disk. It's not destructible to data. Just not needed to be done to SSDs.
    If maintenance is set on auto, windows should do that on their own if you give it enough idle time. You can find the tool for that under Disk Properties > Tools > Optimize, It may take some time depending on the size of disk/s.
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    Windows 8.1

    I think I tried that Optimize tool before. Maybe the fix the guy used wasn't called defragmentation? It sort of seemed like everything about the PC was reset, including user accounts and Windows settings. I had to back up important files in my hard drive before he did the fix, and when he was done there were no files other than the default Windows programs. Does this sound like defragmentation or is it something else?
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    Oh, than he refreshed the system.
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Microsoft Windows Not Responding
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