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Partial language problems with Apps, Programs and Websites

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    Partial language problems with Apps, Programs and Websites


    I'm facing a language problem on all 3 PC's I own ( 2 custom ones, 1 Surface PRO imported from the US ).

    The situation is as follows:
    All 3 PC use an enUS Installation of Windows 8 Pro but some Apps, Programs and Websites keep displaying information in German.

    Most prominent App right now would be the XBox Music App on all 3 PC's which in general has English UI but keeps displaying the Artist BIO in German - Not that I'm reading BIO's but for the sake of this case it's probably a good starting point to narrow down the cause.

    I also noticed the Settings Monitor ( like on a Logitech Keyboard ) on my 6D Mouse displaying it's information in German even though I used an English Driver Installation.

    Ah, the location I'm living actually uses German as it's primary language ( out of 4 official languages ) but still... I'd prefer to use English when browsing the Web or handling my OS as it greatly eases the search for Information related to software related questions.

    Any help on this would be appreciated =)

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    1. Open the control panel.
    2. Search for language.
    3. Make sure English is on top of the list, like here (ignore the red stuff on the image).

    If it doesn't help:
    1. Post the screenshot of your language settings.
    2. On the same screen, click Advanced settings on the letf and post the screenshot.
    3. Post the result of this PowerShell command:
    (Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem).oslanguage
    4. Does the problem occur with desktop software or modern apps, or both?

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    It is an unwanted feature of Windows, even previous versions.

    I am English, but live in Denmark. I have tried every possible thing I can, in order to only have material in English. I cannot understand Danish. All methods have failed. I installed the (American) English OS for windows 8 and earlier. I even selected the formats in English.

    The only giveaway is my IP, of course, my ISP and my email address. I have tried using an independent of location Email address - no joy.

    There was another thread on this, with no solution, but I cannot track it.
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    Here the requested Screenshots:

    Language Properties
    Click image for larger version

    Language Properties Advanced Settings
    Click image for larger version

    Powershell returned with: 1033

    Images of 2 Programs that have this Bilingual issue:

    nVidia GeForce Experience Update
    Click image for larger version

    XBox Music App
    Click image for larger version

    Just noticed the entire Profiling Software of my SpacePilot PRO beeing in German aswell.

    Incredibly annoying.
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    Thanks for the screenshots, your language settings are fine and your OS language is indeed English (sometimes it's not obvious with language packs installed).

    Technically, I don't see the UI language problem with nVidia (UI is in English) and Xbox music app that also has English UI (now playing, bio, albums - all in English). What's inside (content) is in German, indeed.

    1. Click "Change date, time, or number formats" on the left in Language settings and set:
    • Formats to English (United States)
    • Location to the United States

    2. Log off and log in again.
    3. Start nVidia installer and Xbox App.
    4. Post the results.
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Partial language problems with Apps, Programs and Websites
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