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Brand New ASUS laptop 100% disk usage

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    Brand New ASUS laptop 100% disk usage


    I purchased an Asus x501a laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled at the beginning of the month. They sold me Nortons 360 which I installed. The laptop keeps freezing and if I look in the task manager the disk useage keeps reaching 100% every few seconds and lots of things aren't working properly; the internet connection keeps falling off, when using apps such as facebook it keeps freezing; internet pages are taking seconds to load instead of miliseconds. I can't believe this should be happening to a brand new laptop. Before I take it back I want to check whether it is actually a windows 8 problem (I suspect it is) as it uploaded 46 or more new updates to Windows 8 when I switched it on and these could potentially mean something else on the ASUS kit is outdated.

    Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Please note that it is not a touch screen laptop (why would I buy one of those windows when I can successfully use my ipad and phone for this). The reason I bought a laptop is that I don't want touchscreen and just want an old fashioned computer to do use for work/other simple tasks. I will keep my ipad for social media use etc as the facebook app on windows 8 is designed for a touchscreen which I don't have! Maybe I should have bought something with Windows 7 on it??


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    You say you installed Norton on it, it may be nothing but try uninstalling that and see if the problem still exists
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    You could try to do a clean install for your laptop. The computers bought from stores have a tendency to be preloaded with a bunch of useless garbage that bogs the entire computer down. I believe it's best to simply start "fresh" when you buy a new computer.

    How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 8

    If you're going to try that, make sure you know your license key for your operating system.
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Brand New ASUS laptop 100% disk usage
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