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Stuck scanning/ repairing C drive (chkdsk)

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    Thank you!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Uglakaa View Post
    Solun, I just had to tell you that your question was NOT dumb in any way. I had the exact same thing happen and your posts saved me from making things so much worse. Indeed all that was needed was patience. But as you say, we are not used to things taking so long these days.

    After reading your posts I decided as long as the little dots kept circling I would let it run for up to 24 hours before trying anything else. The chkdsk process took a little over 4 hours to complete and I was terrified the whole time. I was stuck at 11% for almost that whole time. When it "broke free" it went from 11% to 100% in under 5 minutes.

    Now my issues are resolved and the system is working fine. All due to your "Dumb" question.

    Thank You!
    I too am stuck at 11%--although "only" for about two hours so far. So, indeed, no dumb questions. You hopefully also saved me a lot of trouble!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drum118 View Post
    I have ran CHKDSK /f c: and after 31% the system reboots. Is this standard or an issue?

    The drive is 2T

    I have an number of applications that refuse to run now that ran a few week ago. Even after reinstalling them.

    I ran CHKDSK on my other drives ranging from 1.5-3T with the 3T having errors and took 30 hours to repair it and reboot the system. Best to let the CHKDSK run as long as it has to and will reboot when it ready to do so.
    As noted, best to leave the system running until the CKKDSK does it thing and then return to normal state. How long it takes depend on your drive and material on it. I have seen it take as much as 3 days to do a 4T drive with 2.2T data on it.

    My issue with 31% was the system itself.

    My whole issue was the system had became corrupt and not surprise at this at all, considering I have seen this since the bate win95 days. The only issue I have was going back to Win 8 for fresh install, upgrading to win8.1 and dealing with bad code numbers.

    Due to various issues, my problems went up to the development team at MS who are still dealing with a few issues at this time. Because of the 3 stage to install win8.1, MS spent a full Sat doing it, as well testing a few things out on other issues. Don't have the time to have MS deal with the other issues until 2015, but hopping they come up with a solutions to a few of them by then, as I have found a couple of them on Win7 system that I am using at this time that not connected to my own network.
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    sorry.. but what the hell are you guys talking about??!

    i've been using windows 8.1 Home edition for awhile now, been downloading all kinds of crap i shouldn't be downloading and using programs and playing games and tweaking my system with all kinds of crap i shouldn't be tweaking.. settings and etc.. been reinstalling/uninstalling, you name it..

    and when i run sfc /scannow or dism /online/cleanupimage... etc..

    nothing hangs and i don't have problems. so.. what the heck are you guys doing?

    ***and i'll even run both right now.. as you can see they both didn't take a long time and finished..while running windows and typing this post!!

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    **edit - and what is the exact command i run for chkdsk that you guys run and ill run that too.. and guess what? it won't freeze..
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    Quote Originally Posted by drum118 View Post

    As noted, best to leave the system running until the CKKDSK does it thing and then return to normal state. How long it takes depend on your drive and material on it. I have seen it take as much as 3 days to do a 4T drive with 2.2T data on it......
    I have a 1TB drive not even quarter full. It is my C:\ drive. My Lenovo diagnostics program detected 24 bad sectors. The windows program located in "drive > properties > tools" finds nothing. Of course, the Lenovo program couldn't fix the drive since it was in use so I ran CHKDSK /f /r /x (I think) and restarted.

    Three days later it is still running and reports 11%.

    What should my approach be now? Can I safely shut this PC down?

    Fortunately, I am under warranty if anything too awful happens but I would like this machine up and running. It hosts all the files for the house. (All the files are on a separate physical disk in the PC.)
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    What happens is that every 9-14 weeks with new features with Win10 it does this so it can get rid of anything nasty but if it does happen to you just wait it out dont worry dont turn it off cuz it will do things wrong i've had this done before but i was on Win8 and i messed my pc up
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    In general, you can follow the subsequent 8 easy and effective steps to get rid of the stuck CHKDSK issue

    Step 1: Ensure the size of drive you’re scanning
    Step 2: Restart your PC and exit CHKDSK during boot
    Step 3: Clear all temporary and junk files by Disk Cleanup
    Step 4: Run the System File Checker
    Step 5: Restart PC and stop running CHKDSK during boot
    Step 6: Repair the Windows System Image
    Step 7: Run CHKDSK again to check if issue persists
    Step 8: Disable scheduled CHKDSK

    Hope that helps!

    Good luck!

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Stuck scanning/ repairing C drive (chkdsk)
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