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Cannot access shared folders on workgroup

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    Cannot access shared folders on workgroup

    I have a numbers of folders shared on a Win 7 machine for common access on my network. Permissions set to everyone and password protected sharing turned off. These files are accessible to other machines on the workgroup (using workgroup vs homegroup). I am having an issue with a new Win 8.1 tablet just purchased. I have added it to the workgroup and it can see the Win 7 machine. When clicking on that machine in the "Network" list in file explorer it requests user/password. None of the other machines (Win 7 or Win 8.1) on the network request a login, just automatically access the shared folder. As the sharing is working on all of the other machines as I intended, I assume that the issue is with the new unit. I have compared the network and sharing settings of the other machines to the new machine and cannot see a difference. I have run update and it is fully patched. I'm running Windows Defender / Windows Firewall with no third parts anti-virus.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    I used to have a similar problem until I disabled HomeGroup on my Win8.1 desktop. Link shows how to do that: Homegroup -Add or Remove from Navigation Pane in Windows 8
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    No luck. Tried disabling Homegroups as noted and this did not correct the issue. Still asking for login when trying to access the file share.

    Did a quick check on another Win 8.1 machine that is able to access the share without the login prompt. It has the default enabled/manual settings for 'homegroup provider" and 'homegroup listener'.

    I appreciate the suggestion, thanks.
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    I've found that networking to another PC from Win8.1 is a hit and miss proposition. I recently reinstalled one of my other PCs using Win8.1, so I had the experience of recreating all the advanced sharing settings -- which I wrote down after I got the sharing working on the original setup.

    And even now, I very often have to reboot one or both of the machines involved in the sharing -- WITHOUT changing any of the sharing settings! My guess would be that about 1/2 of the time, the sharing does not work. But, after a reboot of one or both of the machines, then it suddenly DOES work.

    I'm hoping that in Win10, MS finally gets sharing to work reliably.
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    You can try:
    1. Double check if there's a new firmware for your router and update accordingly.
    2. In your router, there's a "LAN Setup". Use this to assign a static IP for each device in your network so that every time you turn on the device, the same IP will be asigned to it.
    3. Power cycle your router.
    4. On each PC, open Admin command and run: ipconfig /flushdns then reboot
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Cannot access shared folders on workgroup
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