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Someones phone was connected to my network! Why and how?

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    Hey all,

    After much investigation as I had the same issue. This ended being my Sky Box, but for Virgin Media customers this could well be their boxes connected to routers via ethernet.

    Check your router administration pages for 'Attached Devices', likely to see a wired device attached.

    Hope this helps!

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    So where are we on this?

    I've got a Virgin Superhub in modem mode, with a D-Link DIR-655 as the router.
    Over the last few days I've noticed spurious devices as follows:
    enrc2b (HTC One X+)
    m0xx (Samsung S3)
    occam (Nexus 4)
    Blaze (TI Blaze - shown in 'Other devices'))

    The router is using WPA2-Personal with a good password. I've changed it anyway, and also reset the router to factory defaults. Still getting ghost devices on two Win 8 laptops.

    Next door had visitors with an HTC One X and a Samsung S3 during December, and there is a Nexus 7 next door.

    A previous post suggests that these spurious devices are simply on another network. Which sounds very wrong.
    It was also suggested that something is misinterpreting a real device and adding it as one of these ghosts.

    Anyway, I found this forum since I'd been looking everywhere to see what is going on. My first post!
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    Are you certain that none of the computers on your network have an "ad-hoc" network setup? This would allow others to connect to your internet through one of your other computers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    Are you certain that none of the computers on your network have an "ad-hoc" network setup? This would allow others to connect to your internet through one of your other computers.
    I'm certain - at this moment I'm using a Dell laptop with a wired connection, and the only other things on the network are a NAS and a Squeezebox SB3 - both wired. I can see a phone called 'Blaze' with an odd MAC address.


    And now it has gone away.


    And it is there again.

    Although the ghost devices vary I've never ever seen more than one present. Which makes me think it is a misinterpretation of something that is there all the time, maybe something messed up with an ipv6 response from something that is already seen in ipv4. The MAC addresses don't match those associated to real manufacturers like Samsung etc.

    On one day it will be one ghost name, on another it might be a different ghost, they are usually there for hours at a time with the same name, then a different one appears.

    I'm going to try some more experiments...
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    As long as your connection point is encrypted and therefore protected you should be all right. I see many strange entities on my wireless network which I use for my iPad and Nexus tablets. It just means they are polling for a signal in the area and not necessarily connected. If you are using an encrypted connection with a nice, complicated pass key then you should be fine.
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    Since my last post I turned wireless off on the router.

    A few minutes later, and after refreshing the network view, I got:

    So whatever it is it appears to be completely spurious. I'd love to know what Windows is doing such that it says 'ooh look, a device'.
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    Well it will see any device that's within range. When I have to occasionally reconnect my Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse, I always see a whole bunch of (I assume) my neighbours' devices. That doesn't mean they are connected, just within range.
    If you aren't using a wireless connection for anything then by all means turn it off. It just eats power for no reason in that case.
    I use a wired connection for my PC's, Smart TV and Blu-ray Player and wireless for everything else, mostly the portable stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex_Brit View Post
    Well it will see any device that's within range.
    But the above was with wireless off. Bluetooth is off anyway. So the ghost devices are not actually via wireless.
    I'm still leaning towards the idea that they are a corrupted version of an existing device, so I'll unplug a few cables and see what happens...


    I unplugged everything from the router except the laptop. Wireless is off on the router.
    After a few refreshes of the network view I got the 'Blaze' device showing again. Just me, the router and that device
    Wireless is off on the laptop as well.
    I give up.
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    Toronto, Canada. Born in the U.K.
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    That could well be the case, or they literally could be ghosts, not actually there.
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    Does Somebody if this a person trying to connect. I can't find it on my router, and does anybody else get this one Click image for larger version
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Someones phone was connected to my network! Why and how?
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