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    Solved Right Click Menu Lag on my pc

    I am going to take this advice since I have the right click menu ;lag as well. Thanks
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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    I should also let you knowI have been getting a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSOD a couple times per week. I ran a program (don't remember the name but got it from CNET) to check for driver updates. There were 8 or 9 it showed. I told it to update, rebooted, and noticed my audio wasn't working (it...
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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    BTW, Most of the time I have a browser (I use Chrome) window open, it doesn't lag, which is actually like a system freeze when it happens)
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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    My browser lags horribly, clicking X to close a video player takes 7-8 seconds to actually close player, right clicking an item in windows explorer takes 4-5 seconds to bring up menu; I don't notice anything in task manager; have run Norton, Avast, Malwarebytes, IOBit malware fighter; nothing...
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    Cursor response freezing and Chrome browser "resolving host" issue

    I use a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse. I got it last Christmas and had no issue until a few days ago. The cursor response freezes for about 10 seconds every couple minutes. Device manager shows no indication of a problem with the mouse. There are no entries for the mouse in Event Viewer. I...
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    PC freezes very frequently - don't see anything suspicious

    My PC freezes very frequently for the past day. I ran Process Explorer but didn't see anything unusual. My CPU is at 98-99% most of the time. I haven't seen anything suspicious in Task Manager. I am running Malwarebytes Free version now. Opening a windows explorer window might take 10 seconds...
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    Corrupt files found but not fixed in SFC /Scannow

    scannow, Dism failures My browser has been lagging/g much the last two days. I hadn't received anything from Avira so I ran sfc /scannow. I am using Norton now (free trial with safe search installed in my Chrome browser. I haven't had a notification from Norton yet. Now, file explorer freezes...
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    certain preloaded apps won't - Travel, food & Drink

    Hello. Food & Drink, Travel, and other pre-loaded apps won't run corretly. Maps does though. For example, I click on Food & Drink from the start menu, its screen will appear, after 5 seconds, the start menu screen is shown again; fodd and drink is still open (icon is on taskbar; clicking the...
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    Solved Avira update servie running after "partial" uninstall

    I used Process Hacker to terminate the Avast update processes, them I was able to delete all folders for Avast.
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    Solved Avira update servie running after "partial" uninstall

    o.k. background of the situation: Mt pc had been very sluggish doing anything (yes everything including for example, taking 15 seconds to delete very small file), I have run sereral AVs - malwarebytes iobit, avg, avira, avast, and sysinternals process utilities. iobit uninstaller was hanging...
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    Solved Google Chrome browser tabs opening with ads

    The situation occurred shortly after installing Avast. A new tab with an ad will open up about a fourth of the time I click on a link within a web page. It doesn't matter what web page is clicked from. Some of the URLs that open are: smartwebads, tradeadexchange, hotchatdate, oclasrv...
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    I have got this message twice while browsing with Google Chrome.
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    Windows 8.1: Most Metro Apps crash immediately at launch

    I have an administrator account and another account (I'm the only user so will delete all but admin acct). It is just a home desktop. My admin account has the issue of any Metro app minimizing after 5-10 seconds, but the other account is able to access them, but I can't log into the Store...
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    Gateway won't boot from CD-drive or flash drive

    I forgot my password to login to Windows. I always use the number keypad password when logging on, but now the only option is the password, which I forgot. IMy Gateway won't boot from the CDdrive or a flassh drive. I have changed the boot order in BIOS, but it goes from the hard drive anyway...
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    Software to analyze NIC pissues

    I had been trying several things and something worked. I don't know what, but a setting somewhere (my guess the Registry) was set correctly. I have access now. Thank you for suggestions. Now, after Windows updates yesterday, metro apps minimize to the taskbar after 10 seconds. I posted in...