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Gateway won't boot from CD-drive or flash drive

I forgot my password to login to Windows. I always use the number keypad password when logging on, but now the only option is the password, which I forgot. IMy Gateway won't boot from the CDdrive or a flassh drive. I have changed the boot order in BIOS, but it goes from the hard drive anyway.

My metro apps were minimizing after 10 seconds or so. I saw a post that it could be amtivirus related, so I downloaded tools to remove the ones I had used the past year. Malwarebytes' uninstaller clean up progrm told me it needed to reboot in safe mode. I let it do so.

I only can press DEL for BIOS setup or F12. I don't have a way to change it out of safe mode.

The Metro app issue could be from a recent Windows update.

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