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    Solved VeraCrypt full disk encryption question

    Found the answer to this question: VeraCrypt full disk encryption is only compatible with Windows OSs that boot with BIOS. From 8 onward, Windows boots with UEFI.
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    Remote Access

    While I don't know of any files you should be deleting (nor am I a security expert), you can disallow Remote Desktop Connection in system properties to reduce the ways a remote connection can be made to your machine. Hit Start key and search 'allow remote access to your computer'. In the...
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    Solved Cipher command runs on drives that aren't mounted

    Thanks for the Help Phelps :) I'm able to repeat the error without fail so if it's a bug on a system command I wonder if the iso I installed from has a small corruption? Also wonder if the command did a proper job deleting files from drives that were mounted in the past? I use SDelete too so...
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    Solved Cipher command runs on drives that aren't mounted

    Hi EightForum, I regularly run the cipher command to securely delete files. Last time I used it I accidentally typed the drive incorrectly, but it still ran. Even though there was no drive mounted at the specified location. No error message. In the screenshot I'm running it on the 'Q' drive...
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    Solved VeraCrypt full disk encryption question

    Hi Eight Forum, I plan to encrypt my whole hard drive with VeraCrypt. VC gives two options: (1) encrypt the Windows system partition only, or (2) encrypt the whole drive. My preference is option two (encrypt the whole drive), but it is ghosted out in VC. However Disk Manager indicates I've...
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    Run programs at startup in Guest without UAC prompt

    Hi Eighters, I want two programs to run at start-up in the guest account without UAC prompt (ProtonVPN and Windows Defender), without turning off/down UAC. I've tried these solutions: Task - Create to Run a Program at Startup and Log On - Windows 7 Help Forums This doesn't work for...
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    Uninstalling AV and put back Defender

    Hi Rouward, Defender will automatically shut itself off In the presence of another AV. From what I've heard this is so Microsoft cannot be accused of monopolising the AV market within its operating systems. You'll need to either set exclusions in Defender so it does not detect Avira, or stop...
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    Wi-Fi WPA2 KRACK exploit

    Hi Eighters, If you haven't heard already, a major vulnerability has been discovered in the WPA2 WiFi security protocol impacting, well, every single network that uses WiFi. It's called the KRACK exploit and there's plenty of news online about it. Fortunately MS released a patch for it on...
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    Solved Mysterious new 'Local Disk (F)' appears after reinstall

    Hey Samurai, Thanks for the response! After posting last night I recalled leaving the 8.1 install CD in the optical drive after installing and while 8.1 updates ran. I hypothesized that the mysterious F: drive might have been spat out by leaving in the CD and the system trying and failing to...
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    Solved Mysterious new 'Local Disk (F)' appears after reinstall

    Hey All, Today I factory reinstalled Win 8 from the hard disk image on my Toshiba P870. I then installed Win 8.1 from a CD and installed all updates. I've done this a few times no worries but a mysterious new drive has appeared that I do not have permission to access (despite my local...