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    Start Screen - Name or Rename a Pinned Metro IE Site Tile

    For some reason it won't show me the logo's of the pinned sites.
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    ¡Post your Windows Phone start-screen!

    Nokia interviews people on their Windows Phone start-screens and why they use the Applications they see first (My Windows Phone 8 Start screen: Rv Cuarto – Nokia Conversations : the official Nokia blog) I though of building a thread on this web-site heavily inspired by...
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    Post your Start Screen!

    A similar thread. Before I knew about this thread, I made a similar thread on another site ¡Post your Windows 8 Desktop + start-screen! and was bullied out by the users of that web-site, I'm glad this is a better web-site with not just more quality users, but also this thread is a good way of...
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    Windows 8 is the new XP

    I agree, also Windows XP was the FIRST EVER O.S. to be shipped with Tablet-P.C.'s, it was the basis for the Xbox and Windows Mobile 2003. Also Windows 8 is another O.S. used to try and unify Microsoft's O.S.'es into one large ''Microsoft Ecosystem'' and this time it will be succesful because...
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    Windows Live Mail for METRO?

    Windows Live Mail has both a desktop and a metro-variant. Microsoft is still working on integrating as much (Former-)Windows Live services as possible, excluding a hand full of services it's mostly a success + Windows 8 is a great boost for Bing. I use both Windows Live Mail and Microsoft...
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    Windows 8.1 Start button may not offer actual Start menu

    Actually a button that brings the user directly to the start-screen is more ''touch friendly'' than no button at all, also a Windows-orb (hopefully with Windows 8's logo) will be a great indication that ''the start menu has evolved'' and that it's a continuation of what we all love and know.
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    Post your Start Screen!

    I registrered simply to post on this thread :-D My Desktop: My start-screen: some random applications: And my Windows Phone