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    Should I upgrade from 8 to 8.1?

    If you use a Microsoft account, you should. If you love to use a Local account, you shouldn't
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    run an exe file in background of the pic

    why you need to do it hidely when your brother's already known about your stuff and searching for it?
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    Sharing Permissions

    Open Network and sharing center/ Change Advanced sharing settings/ All Networks / Turn on password protected sharing
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    run an exe file in background of the pic

    Instead of binding exe to every single file, you can set your user password and create a standard user for him; then you can block files/folders that you do not want him access. Read here: http://www.eightforums.com/user-accounts-family-safety/32544-block-certain-files-folders-other-users.html
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    Solved Remove Administrator Password

    Go to change your password in User account control panel type your old pass and leave the new pass blanks, then click Next
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    help - windows 8 account downgraded to guest account

    Go to menu boot: winkey + C > Settings > Power > Shift + Restart > Troubleshoot > Restore maybe it could help.
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    Solved Folders missing in a hard drive.

    Exploring that drive by other software such as Total Commander or Winrar to see if your lost folder was there
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    Block Certain Files/Folders from other Users?

    There's a simple way to do this: go to Security tab in Properties, Edit permissions, you'd keep System, Administrators, "your user" and remove other users they can not access your folder without admin's password, <log in other user to check> (You can add them back anytime)
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    What Are You Listening To? [2]

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    Keep One Change One [9]

    IT Crowd
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    Last Letter Game [9]

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    Solved Delete old account picture windows 8.1?

    I use Local account @my2centslooks nice, but do you have a way to remove it?
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    Solved Delete old account picture windows 8.1?

    Thank you for replying! I removed the Img from my computer and restart but it does not work Create a blank white bitmap seems not a good idea Hope for another solution.
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    Solved Can't remove System Restore Points

    In that case, both SystemRestore and WindowImageBackup are stored in C:\System Volume Information folder uncheck Hide protected operating system files go through Advandce in Security tab to access it and sub-folder