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8.1 upgrades says won't work with Pentium 4 Prescott 630

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    Windows 8.1, 10

    Great News! Glad you got it going!

    Also thanks for confirming that the 32-bit edition of 8.1 still works on the old Pentium.

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    Windows 8.1

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyvu View Post
    Alright, wanted to give my follow-up to let everyone know the results...

    My CPU failed the last two requirements and thus would not allow installation of 64-bit Windows 8.1.

    My solution:
    - Formatted the HDD and installed 32-bit Windows 8 f
    Looks like we've both been down the same road, Dirtyvu. My Intel DG33BU mobo/CPU failed in several areas also, so I formatted the partition of my dual boot system, installed Win 8 32 bit (full version) then went to the Microsoft store and updated to Win 8.1 32 bit.

    Soooooo, now I have a dual boot system with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Windows 8.1 32 bit. How ironic is that?

    What really burns my grits, though, is that Microsoft changed specs, which inconvenienced a whole bunch of people who already had Win 8 64 bit on their "oldies but goodies" computers. And I'm guessing that probably at least 50% of them wouldn't have figured out that Win 8.1 32 bit might work.
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    Yeah, and the worst part is Customer Support failed me. I asked them for any way to install Windows 8 32-bit and they couldn't help at all. I really hate having Customer Support based in India. They were really terrible at understanding what I was asking and it made a bad situation worse having to repeat myself over and over and me asking them to repeat themselves because I couldn't understand them. I tried the online chat support 4 times only to be "conveniently" disconnected. So then I tried only voice calling and 3 times failed to resolve the situation. And it's laughable they have these fake "American" names and fake avatar pictures, and then they spend 2/3 of the time reading generic answers from a Q&A manual.

    I told them I wouldn't have bought Windows 8 if there was no way to upgrade to Windows 8.1. And that I had no choice in installing 32-bit Windows 8 since my Windows 7 was 64-bit.
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    ForAnyone with Same Problem:

    myold Windows XPSP3 Dell Dimension 4700 "project" computer upgraded tomax of 4G RAM on OEM Mobo (0M3918), BIOS A10 (the very last revision).generally listed compatible CPU upgrades "supported" for this systemare all Pent 4 HT 5xx, with various other sporadic reports of 6xx working.

    my results:
    Pent 4 HT 520: (OEM) no 64bit support, i never even tried W7 or W8.1
    Pent 4 HT 541: ($5 ebay) successful W7 64bit, successful W8.1 32bit, fails W8.164bit due to lack of "PreFetchW" capability
    Pent 4 HT 631: ($5 ebay) attempted w 2 different chips (SL94Y and SL96L): wouldnot boot - i have to assume this cpu is incompatible w my system. this is a"Cedar Mill" (65nm architecture) not "Prescott" (90nm)
    Pent 4 HT 662: ($20 ebay) same as for 541: again no "PreFetchW" support.

    so.. I doubt any compatible CPU for my system will support W8.1 64bit.

    asnear as I can tell, the only way to verify a CPU's full capabilities are toactually install the CPU and run "Coreinfo.exe". this is alsoconfusing as downloading Coreinfo to desktop then R-clicking it to"run" opens a cmd window for only a split second then it is gone. Iwas able to keep Coreinfo open byStart>Search>"run">"cmd">C:\Users\(your username)_ at the blinking underline cursor fill in EXACTLY: "C:\Users\(your username)\Desktop\Coreinfo.exe then hit [enter]. this all seemed a bit redundantbut it worked (remember - I tinker but I am certainly no coder or systemadministrator). PreFetchW is toward bottom of list and will have a " -" (not supported) or a " * " (supported).
    I could not find specific information regarding this capability anywhere on anysearch, including Ark-Intel. i couldonly verify this using Coreinfo.

    I was using a W7 "Upgrade" license and a "Full Retail" W8.1(no attempt at W8 at any time). I also did a complete hard drive wipe w DBAN.All of this is really so I can help my mom with her W8 computer - I want to getfamiliar w W8-8.1 so when I have her hold her iPhone facing her monitor wFaceTime running, i can see what she's doing and already have some W8problem-solving experience. this is my poor-man's version of remote assistance.

    i hope this helps anyone with a skill level similar to mine

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    Win 8.1

    i'm going to crazy CPU is pent 4 541 and coreinfo is down

    install win8 64 before this but now i want install win 8.1 pro 64 from flash drive and this dam error please help me
    how i can install win 8 64 bit but i cant make it 8.1 64 bit in
    screenshot from program securable Click image for larger version

    and two error in installing
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
    (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\Salar>D:\coreinfo [-c][-f][-g][-l][-n][-s][-m][-v]
    The system cannot find the drive specified.

    C:\Users\Salar>C:\coreinfo [-c][-f][-g][-l][-n][-s][-m][-v]

    Coreinfo v3.21 - Dump information on system CPU and memory topology
    Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Mark Russinovich
    Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz
    x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9, GenuineIntel
    HTT * Hyperthreading enabled
    HYPERVISOR - Hypervisor is present
    VMX - Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
    SVM - Supports AMD hardware-assisted virtualization
    EM64T * Supports 64-bit mode

    SMX - Supports Intel trusted execution
    SKINIT - Supports AMD SKINIT

    NX * Supports no-execute page protection
    SMEP - Supports Supervisor Mode Execution Prevention
    SMAP - Supports Supervisor Mode Access Prevention
    PAGE1GB - Supports 1 GB large pages
    PAE * Supports > 32-bit physical addresses
    PAT * Supports Page Attribute Table
    PSE * Supports 4 MB pages
    PSE36 * Supports > 32-bit address 4 MB pages
    PGE * Supports global bit in page tables
    SS * Supports bus snooping for cache operations
    VME * Supports Virtual-8086 mode
    RDWRFSGSBASE - Supports direct GS/FS base access

    FPU * Implements i387 floating point instructions
    MMX * Supports MMX instruction set
    MMXEXT - Implements AMD MMX extensions
    3DNOW - Supports 3DNow! instructions
    3DNOWEXT - Supports 3DNow! extension instructions
    SSE * Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions
    SSE2 * Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
    SSE3 * Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
    SSSE3 - Supports Supplemental SIMD Extensions 3
    SSE4a - Supports Sreaming SIMDR Extensions 4a
    SSE4.1 - Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1
    SSE4.2 - Supports Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2

    AES - Supports AES extensions
    AVX - Supports AVX intruction extensions
    FMA - Supports FMA extensions using YMM state
    MSR * Implements RDMSR/WRMSR instructions
    MTRR * Supports Memory Type Range Registers
    XSAVE - Supports XSAVE/XRSTOR instructions
    OSXSAVE - Supports XSETBV/XGETBV instructions
    RDRAND - Supports RDRAND instruction
    RDSEED - Supports RDSEED instruction

    CMOV * Supports CMOVcc instruction
    CLFSH * Supports CLFLUSH instruction
    CX8 * Supports compare and exchange 8-byte instructions
    CX16 * Supports CMPXCHG16B instruction
    BMI1 - Supports bit manipulation extensions 1
    BMI2 - Supports bit manipulation extensions 2
    ADX - Supports ADCX/ADOX instructions
    DCA - Supports prefetch from memory-mapped device
    F16C - Supports half-precision instruction
    FXSR * Supports FXSAVE/FXSTOR instructions
    FFXSR - Supports optimized FXSAVE/FSRSTOR instruction
    MONITOR * Supports MONITOR and MWAIT instructions
    MOVBE - Supports MOVBE instruction
    ERMSB - Supports Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB
    PCLULDQ - Supports PCLMULDQ instruction
    POPCNT - Supports POPCNT instruction
    LZCNT - Supports LZCNT instruction
    SEP * Supports fast system call instructions
    LAHF-SAHF * Supports LAHF/SAHF instructions in 64-bit mode
    HLE - Supports Hardware Lock Elision instructions
    RTM - Supports Restricted Transactional Memory instructions

    DE * Supports I/O breakpoints including CR4.DE
    DTES64 * Can write history of 64-bit branch addresses
    DS * Implements memory-resident debug buffer
    DS-CPL * Supports Debug Store feature with CPL
    PCID - Supports PCIDs and settable CR4.PCIDE
    INVPCID - Supports INVPCID instruction
    PDCM - Supports Performance Capabilities MSR
    RDTSCP - Supports RDTSCP instruction
    TSC * Supports RDTSC instruction
    TSC-DEADLINE - Local APIC supports one-shot deadline timer
    TSC-INVARIANT - TSC runs at constant rate
    xTPR * Supports disabling task priority messages

    EIST - Supports Enhanced Intel Speedstep
    ACPI * Implements MSR for power management
    TM * Implements thermal monitor circuitry
    TM2 - Implements Thermal Monitor 2 control
    APIC * Implements software-accessible local APIC
    x2APIC - Supports x2APIC

    CNXT-ID * L1 data cache mode adaptive or BIOS

    MCE * Supports Machine Check, INT18 and CR4.MCE
    MCA * Implements Machine Check Architecture
    PBE * Supports use of FERR#/PBE# pin

    PSN - Implements 96-bit processor serial number

    PREFETCHW - Supports PREFETCHW instruction

    Maximum implemented CPUID leaves: 00000005 (Basic), 80000008 (Extended).

    Logical to Physical Processor Map:
    ** Physical Processor 0 (Hyperthreaded)

    Logical Processor to Socket Map:
    ** Socket 0

    Logical Processor to NUMA Node Map:
    ** NUMA Node 0

    Logical Processor to Cache Map:
    ** Data Cache 0, Level 1, 16 KB, Assoc 8, LineSize 64
    ** Unified Cache 0, Level 2, 1 MB, Assoc 8, LineSize 128

    Logical Processor to Group Map:
    ** Group 0
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    salargt: again, i'm of intermediate capabilities w computer probs/diag/solving errors, but i got "not supported" for PREFETCHW capability for Pent4 541 using coreinfo (itself frustrating as it frequently flashes a results screen and is gone). neither of the 631's would even allow BIOS/boot to start on my system. (suspect fundamental motherboard incompatablility w Pent4 631 - see my previous post). W8.1 requires more hardware capabilities than W8, but seemingly maybe only for 64bit installations. this was not prominently advertised and probably is the root of lots of frustration for people who have successfully installed W8 64bit but cannot get W8.1 64bit to install. i gave up and settled for W8.1 32bit installlation and it is running wo probs
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    Salargt, got to thinking more : are you sure you have a Pent4 541? My research shows that to be Prescott Family 15 Model 3, not model 4. The Model 4's are the 6x0's I think. My attempt w a 541 showed that PrefetchW was NOT supported, thus the failure of W8.1 64bit install. I'm thinking there are not any Pent4 that support PrefetchW, but I don't know how to prove/disprove this. I have never found a source to list CPU capabilities in full, other than to physically install and run CoreInfo.

    Also note: your CoreInfo run shows:

    "PREFETCHW - Supports PREFETCHW Instruction" not
    "PREFETCHW * Supports PREFETCHW Instruction"

    Note the "-" not a "*".

    This means PrefetchW is NOT supported and this May be the root of the 64bit fail. That's what I finally decided was my problem. I am by no means swaggeringly confidant about any of my conclusions so any correction is greatly appreciated.
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8.1 upgrades says won't work with Pentium 4 Prescott 630
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