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Black screen while video playback (Audio only)

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    Windows 8 Pro-64 bit

    Now this is strange ! Apparently another person who has exact same problem as me, is also encountering the issue on Sony VAIO o.O
    So here again my problem:
    Originally I had a Windows 7 pre-installed on my Sony VAIO and for very long time I had no problem with a playback of video formats like MP4 and AVI! Then after a while (didn't change the Windows version but I did regularly updated my graphic card drivers) I started to experience the issue described above (was not able to successfully play MP4 and AVI formats on anything BUT VLC and buy successfully I mean I had audio only with black screen).
    What I did I try ?!
    I re-installed my Windows 7 (fresh),
    I fresh installed Windows 8 (as soon as it was released),
    I fresh installed Windows 8.1 (as soon as it was released), and trough out all this period I was keeping my graphic card up to date.
    After all this Windows installations I didn't have the problem solved, but as I mentioned above some of my friends had the exact same versions of Windows installed and they were able to play those exact MP4 and AVI files that I had, on their laptops!!
    The problem is not the OS or the way it is installed (coz I always install fresh, as well as I am the one installing for my friends on their machines) !
    So what is my problem ? I have no idea, I have this issue posted on all possible treads and forums and had no success
    Pleas ask me some additional information you need to help me solve this problem.
    i am surprised that VLC wasn't your 1st option to try )

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    I also have Sony Vaio, and the same problem after installing Win. 8.1.
    It's relief that video works in VLC player, thanks for that. I hope someone find the solution for our problem.
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    Windows 8 Pro-64 bit

    Woow I am very surprised that so far no one has come up with a fix for this,, or maybe it's not so common problem ?! It seams that most of the pp; who has this problem, they all have Sony VAIO o.O.
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    Same Problem Too!

    I've been having the same problem for months on my Sony! Not at home to give my exact specs but been having so frustrating! I have 2 partitions. One with win7 and one with win8.1. After I updated from win8 to 8.1 on my 2nd partition, I can't get any video to playback correctly with any video program. It's exactly what you describe... It plays the sound, but no visual on all formats. Now, I can play videos through we browsers though, no problem. I have pretty much given up and reverted back to win7. Still have the 2nd partition with win8.1 but find it useless since I cannot playback video correctly and I need play videos a lot for training. Please someone help! Will post exact specs at later time. Does not seem like a driver issue.
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    Windows 8.1

    I've been having the same problem too, and it is in a Sony VAIO. If you change the drive of the Video Card to the Windows adapter video, the windows Media Player will back to work again. It not affect only the WMP, but the video app, every app with video things, IE videos and Power Point videos. So, looks like a driver issue to me. Someone solved this? The newst drives dont work.
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    Windows 7 professional

    Hi All,
    It seems it not depends on windows version. I still have windows 7. And by the istalling new radeon (catalyst) driver i got the same problem.
    After removing the catalyst the videos worked properly. But i need the radeon driver because i can't use the HDMI output with the basic windows driver.
    I have an idea: i try to find an old radeon driver and i don't let it to refresh itseves if it works.
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Black screen while video playback (Audio only)
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