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Num Lock always activated on lock screen

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    Num Lock always activated on lock screen

    Hi! So, I've upgraded to Windows 8 RTM this weekend and I'm having this problem: Every time I boot the PC (shutdown or restart), the Num Lock key is off. Since my password uses numbers, and I'm pretty used to type it with Num Lock, I'd like to keep it always on. It was fine on Windows 7. Now, I've searched for it, and there is the "InitialKeyboardIndicators" key on regedit. I have changed values for all of them to "2", and it didn't work. My BIOS say to keep it always on. Is there anything else that I'm missing?

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    Netplwiz, or tap num lock before starting password entry.

    Besides those, you can check to make sure keyboard is plugged in directly to motherboard instead of add-on card or something.
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    Netplwiz would be used to automatically log in, right? What I want is to have the key turned on by default, and not having to tap it every time. Also, the keyboard is plugged to the motherboard. As I said, it worked well on Windows 7, so it's a setting on Windows 8.
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    It has to do with windows 8, there is a problem and a lot of people have this problem, including me.
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    If you can use Group Policy on your version of windows you can use a script to automatically turn numlock on before login. Details are here (still works on win 8) : How to Set the NUM LOCK State at Logon in Windows XP
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    Check your BIOS as well, most MBs have a "Numlock ON" setting ion the BIOS.
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Num Lock always activated on lock screen
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