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"Automatically go to the Desktop" feature available in Windows 8 RTM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    He means boot to the desktop - not boot to the phone ui ( Metro)
    Sorry, that reply is not meant for me, is it ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by aquatarkus View Post
    Yes that was this morning, no i wasn't being mean, I just thought ok, wife is used to her laptop (XP) and a couple of my pcs running Win7 what will happen if we brought her a new laptop in October which will have Win8 on it, how will she get on. (ok i already knew the answer)
    But the point was that this is going to happen all over, You should see her trying to find "My Documents" "My Computer" etc, and you should have seen her face when she hit the internet explorer metro icon, and metro IE opened up. She's now had a play for a couple of hours and her view is unprintable but to give you an idea it's F*****g Rubbish. I'm not using that.
    And the sad thing is i can see that happening in nearly every house hold.

    Aquatarkus, tell her to get over it. Microsoft DOES not support her Windows XP anymore, and she will like Windows 8 MUCH better.
    You want to tell my wife, to GET OVER IT!, your a much braver man than i, you really wouldn't want to see my wife in full flight.

    She doesn't know (or even care) that Microsoft doesn't support XP any more and there are probably millions in exactly the same position. XP works thats all that maters to her and again millions like her, if she wants a new laptop she'll want one with Win7 on it. After todays experience she'll never go near Win8 again unless i customise it to make it look like win xp or 7 and she never see's the metro UI again.


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    Hands Aquatarkus a suit of armor. Our prayers go with you.
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    OMG please do not bring ones beloved wife into the arguments for or against W8.
    I had months of grief when I moved her system from 95 to XP,
    I am to old to face that problem all over again, I did not even put W7 up as she has carefully organised all her docs/pictures/music etc into her own folders to which she has shortcuts over the last 15 years.

    But there again she does use apps on her Iphone and would use them on W8 the difficulty would arise the moment she tried the desktop.

    However in the spirit of compromise I have had ago in the other thread a with my own view of a possible solution
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    Can one login to Windows 8 without a password?

    A related question regarding logging into Windows 8: I would like to know if in the RTM release of Windows 8, will it be possible enter Windows 8 without the need of a password to login (as is the case in previous Windows versions) and thus bypass the password login screen when I bring up Windows 8? I tried to change my original password in the current Release by entering my old password in the USERS section, then entering nothing in the "new password" sections, but the OS would not allow me to do this. Any advice on this for the Preview copy (version 8400) as well as the RTM final release version coming up?
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    I don't know about removing passwords that exist as I do not use any.
    However assuming you have no password set up when upgrading from W7 or a clean install of W8
    When you reach the screen log in with your windows live user name/password DO NOT just click next
    then the next screen will say something like: log in with a local user name /password.
    Enter user name you wish leave password blank then apply or next.
    Do not know about W8 RTM, MS seem very keen to get people onto windows live for obvious reasons.
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    They have managed to make it look more horrible with each new piece of information. Don't get me wrong the system itself isn't bad. But the User Interface obviously needs work. I mean the FLAT icons and then you get glossy icons for folders and other items? And the revert button is semi-glossy and that's the exact amount of detail I'd prefer not SUPER flat and not SUPER 3D but they've clashed their SUPER flat with their detailed super glossy icons. What a train-wreck.
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    I do think the default Start Screen in Windows 8 is daunting a bit. I wonder if it's Microsoft setting the stage for metro apps to show them off, as I believe the Libraries NEED to be at least pinned on the Start Screen by default. But, as the Start Screen can form into what one can shape it, one can have Libraries pinned to it, or whatever for that matter. By point is, Desktop items have to be on it.
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"Automatically go to the Desktop" feature available in Windows 8 RTM!
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