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Video icons don't show up until thumbnails are loaded

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    Video icons don't show up until thumbnails are loaded

    Hi, yesterday I don't know what I did but suddenly video thumbnails disappeared, so I reinstalled K-Lite Codec Pack MEGA version. I'm using a laptop with Windows 8.1 x64. VLC is the default media player. I've installed MPC-HC and K-Lite Codec Pack MEGA. Everything is up to date.

    Once I reinstalled K-Lite MEGA pack, thumbnails appeared again, but now something's wrong. When I open the "Videos" folder, VLC icons don't appear. All icons are blank (there's no icon, just blank space with the file's name below) until the thumbnail is loaded.

    Before, ALL icons appeared (VLC icon) and then the thumbnails got loaded. If I refreshed, the thumbnails didn't start to load again, the window blinked for 1 millisecond and then everything was already loaded.

    Now, if I refresh, it starts all over again, all icons are blank and the thumbnails start to load again.

    I've reinstalled MPC-HC, K-Lite MEGA pack, Disk cleanup thumbnails, show only icons, apply and then uncheck that option... Nothing changes

    I don't understand anything. Here's a screenshot in the middle of the process:
    Click image for larger version

    There should be VLC icons instead of those blank spaces, and it shouldn't start to load everything each time I refresh.


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    Question, why did you need the Codec pack to begin with? I find they cause more issues.

    All my thumbnails load with no problem with windows media player with exception of some types of video files.

    May have to reset. Try SFC.
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    OK, this is really weird.

    I've been using my laptop for 10 months, and every time I opened the VIDEO folder, all the video thumbnails started to load. The file icon was VLC icon until thumbnail got loaded in that file. Every single first time in each boot it happened that way. So If I shut down the laptop, they had to load again. Now, the problem described in my first post occured and there were no VLC icon until thumbnail got loaded. So it was blank space and then the thumbnail.

    I've re-installed VLC, MPC-HC, K-Lite Codecs MEGA, every thing checked in Thumbnail settings, disk cleanup...

    Now when I open the VIDEO folder, every thing is loaded, thumbnails and folder's thumbnails (I have folders that contain videos). I don't know what I did, but that's really nice and super fast.

    BUT now I open the MUSIC folder, and folder thumbnails don't work. Before, cover arts of the music inside the folder appeared in the folder's icon thumbnail. Now it only appears a folder with a VLC icon. There should be a folder with a cover art icon.

    Click image for larger version

    How can I solve this? THANKS!
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    I don't know how to solve this, I've tried a lot of things, but mp3 cover arts never show up. Folders with pdf's, avi's, mp4's, mkv's... actually shows in their icons the thumbnails. But it doesn't work with mp3. This is driving me crazy! And it has happened suddenly.

    Go here:
    Windows 8.1 all thumbnails working, but the mp3's ones...
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Video icons don't show up until thumbnails are loaded
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