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Windows 8.1 all thumbnails working, but the mp3's ones...

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Windows 8.1 all thumbnails working, but the mp3's ones...

    Hi, I'm facing a really annoying and incomprehensible issue.

    I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 x64 bit. Just in case you need this information, I have installed:
    1. VLC 2.1.5 x64 (default audio/video player)
    2. MPC-HC 1.7.7 x64
    3. AIMP3
    4. K-Lite Mega Codec pack 10.8.0 (which includes Icaros thumbnail plug-in)
    5. I turned off Windows Media Player 12 through "Control Panel/Programs and Features"


    A) Every single software is up to date, all drivers, all Windows updates... everything.

    B) All the audio files (mp3 and FLAC) in my music library have embedded cover arts, which means, they all have their album art inlaid the file.

    C) My music library is sorted this way: there's a folder for each different artist/band in the MUSIC folder. Inside an artist folder, there are album's folders, and inside album's folders, there are mp3's.

    D) As all my audio files have embedded album arts, there's no need to put any kind of album art or image in the album folder, cause every single audio file has already embedded its cover.

    Well, first of all, I WANTED to turn off Windows Media Player 12 because it creates thumbnails and a lot of useless pictures in each folder with an audio file there. That's just awful.

    Everything was working fine until a month ago (I didn't have this issue a month ago). Suddenly, one day, mp3 thumbnails disappeared. If I set "View" to "Extra large icons" in a folder that contains mp3's, there are only giant VLC's icons, no thumbnails of the embedded album art at all.

    Folder with mp3's, showing VLC icon instead embedded album arts:

    The big mystery is that this ONLY happens with mp3's. I have an album ripped in FLAC, and in that view, FLAC's icons show the beautiful album art embedded, with a small VLC icon in the lower-right corner of the image. Any other file/container shows its embedded album art/thumbnail: mp4's, mkv's, avi's... they all work, it's just mp3's.

    Folder with FLAC's, showing embedded album arts, as it should be:

    A folder that contain a FLAC with and embedded album art, whill show an icon of a folder with an image of the album art inside. If it was an mp3, it would show an icon of a folder with a VLC image inside that folder.

    Here you can compare a folder that contain flac vs a folder that contain mp3:

    I've re-installed VLC, reset its preferences, reinstalled MPC-HC and K-Lite Mega Codec pack, cleared thumbnail cache, run CCleaner, Windows disk cleanup... nothing.

    It's like all mp3's didn't have any embedded album art. I don't know what to do...

    By the way, when I open mp3's with VLC or any other player, that player shows the thumbnail, it's just Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Wow, thank you SO MUCH, finally, after a month, I've fixed this issue!

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    Great, glad that helped.
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Windows 8.1 all thumbnails working, but the mp3's ones...
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