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Windows 8.1 wont wake up from sleep mode!!!

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    Windows 8.1 wont wake up from sleep mode!!!

    After I put the pc into the sleep mode and then try to open with on and off switch, I can't get in windows 8.1. I get no video signal (image), but the pc stays on. I've been using since 2 days a new video card and I installed the drivers from installation cd. With my previous video card, I'd not suchlike problems.

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    Maybe it's just really sleepy? *hears drum being hit in background*

    sorry...erm..yeah was too tempting.

    To my knowledge there is no real clear reason as to why this happens. You would think in so many OS systems with the wake/sleep function that they would had perfect it by now huh? You may get some people suggestion checking your drivers, energy/wattage issue/etc. I personally don't believe any of that though myself. If it can operate while you are on it just fine but you turn it off and it won't come back on it sounds more like an OS issue than anything else.

    I used to have the same issue with an old old Acer Aspire 5720z. I never found a real solution to it either.I truly think the only "cheaphax" here would be for you to just disable sleep mode.

    You could see if this helps you any but I highly doubt it will.

    Sleep States - Available on Your Windows 8 PC[1]=Power%20Management
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    @ loveandpower

    Thanks for you're help. but I solved the problem. I had an old version of my video card drivers, I searched for the latest version. First I removed the drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller, then I installed the latest drivers. It now works great, completely without problems. Finally, it works. Thanks again.
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    You may have fixed the immediate problem, but......
    something else will come along and cause a similar problem, because.....

    Sleep and even Hybernate have both been buggy (had problems) since they were first invented by Microshaft.

    To totally eliminate that problem on all my own PC's, I disable both Sleep and Hibernate.
    I just use the very simple routine to Shut Down my PC when I'm not using it. That re-writes my registry back to the hard drive, closes all files and then turns off the power. *

    * as long as the computer is plugged in (not counting laptops) the PSU is still ON, providing +5VDC to the motherboard.

    So once I do a full shutdown on my PC, I turn off the power switch on the Power Strip that the PC is plugged into.
    That removes ALL Power to the PC, so it's safe from Power Surges, spikes from Lightning Strikes, etc.

    I'd just rather be SAFE than SORRY. Eh?

    Cheers mates!
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    Thanks TechnoMage for your advise. I think this occurs with some drivers of amd. With the newest driver I'd not this problem, but I got a lot BSOD, so I deleted and installed beta driver, but with this driver I cannot start up from sleeping mode.
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    Great, my problem is solved. I searched on google for same problems and I found this solution. Maybe it's usefull for persons with the same problem. See here below.

    "I ran into the exact same problem with my system after building it then installing Windows 8.

    THREE things i did that solved everything:

    • TURN OFF HIBERNATION/SLEEP. Windows boots fast enough, and its really unnecessary on a desktop, imo.
    • Re-seat your Vengeance RAM, its sort of finicky. Trust me.
    • Restore your BIOS settings to default, reboot. Stress test, then tweak. ALSO make sure your BIOS is up to date!"
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    This could also be because the monitor is just asleep because of the screensaver is on.

    I have 4 monitors and sometimes when I wake the monitors up, one, or occasionally more, don't. If I try and shut one off or disconnect one so the OS thinks that the desktop layout has changed, it'll fix it. This is VERY annoying because it really messes with my windowing layout and desktop.

    When doing some power management diagnostics, it stated that the screensaver was on and that it couldn't fix it because it couldn't shut it off.

    Found a workaround though.

    1. Press Win-W
    2. Type Change Screen Resolution<Enter>
    3. Flip one of the monitors upside down. E.g. if the one you are flipping is set to Portrait, then set to Portrait (flipped).
    4. Apply settings
    5. If it asks, tell it to revert settings. If you don't do anything, it'll revert in 20 or so seconds anyway.

    This basically resets the display drivers, without moving your windows around, except for those that lie on monitor boundaries, in which case they will be shifted to try and be entirely on a single monitor.
    If you only have one monitor, then you're SOL, unless you can plug in another monitor which should also reset the display drivers.
    Still, this is definitely some bug in the Microsoft screensaver code and should be fixed.


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Windows 8.1 wont wake up from sleep mode!!!
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