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Unassociate A File Extensiom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    In that case, here's a .reg file below that will completely unassociated .txt files. You'll need to restart the PC after merging it to completely apply it.

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    Sean. What are some of the I intended side effects of a system restore? And what happens if the last system restore before the change that caused the problem was way before (like months)?

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    If it's that far in the past, then you should move any recently made Doc or Image or even Downloaded files to a new folder on another drive if you can, or maybe a temporary folder for them off of the C drive.

    Because even though a System Restore is not supposed to affect your personal files, I've lost files sometimes. SO now I always move the newest ones to a safe place.

    Of course any programs you installed between now and 3 months ago will be eradicated, so if you don't have their installers at hand, don't do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by X703jko View Post
    Sean. What are some of the I intended side effects of a system restore? And what happens if the last system restore before the change that caused the problem was way before (like months)?



    The intended affect would be to restore your system to a point in time dated before the .bat association was changed to restore it back to default.

    You would of course want to select a restore point as early as possible that's before this issue happened to avoid having to many changes done to your system after that date undone as well. As Jon pointed out, anything in your user folders will not be affected, but should be backed up to be safe. The System Restore tutorial will give you more details on what will be affected though.
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    Sean. Sorry, fumble fingers. I mean "unintended" side effects.
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    No worries.

    The only side effects would be that you would lose anything you set or installed after the date of the selected restore point.
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    Open a elevated command prompt.

    Type assoc .mc and press Enter.

    What does the output look like? If it's .mc=xxxxxxx (xx is some string of characters) then enter

    assoc .mc=

    That will definitely remove any association for the .mc extension. Don't know if that will fix the icon problem or not.
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    Did a system restore. Solved problem. Only issue with restore was that Norton 360 had to "catch up".

    thanks. Jeff
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Unassociate A File Extensiom
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