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Where MS missed the boat was getting rid of the traditional start menu and making it so difficult to get it back. The fact that a whole class of third-party utility has sprung up (start menu restoration) is proof of two things. First, that it really isn't all that hard to make it re-appear, and two, that a lot of people prefer that on their laptops or desktops. The Metro interface makes absolutely no sense (to me anyway) on a non-touch screen device. I work with a lot of computer literate people (developers) and they all hate Metro. I'm only running Win 8 because I was able to upgrade for $14.99 and because of utilities like Start8. If I had to pay full price and live with Metro, I'd still be using 7, which I think is Microsoft's best OS ever. I should point out that once past the Metro issue, I'm pretty satisfied with Win 8.

I agree that Microsoft missed the boat on this. They should have made a simple change to Windows 8 where people using PC's can adjust it the way they want. Most people at this time are not using touch screen PC's. Tablets, phones, yes, but not PC's. I am using a freeware app that brings the start menu and Desktop back and I have it starting with this when my laptop boots. Other than that, I like Windows 8 and I find it to run faster than 7. I tested it first on a 4 year old laptop and it put new life into it! It is screaming on my new HP Envy I7!
I agree. It runs well on my laptop. And it's been rock solid.