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All files show Read Only in Properties- I cannot change

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    All files show Read Only in Properties- I cannot change

    Virtually every file shows read only when I right click on it and choose properties. In uncheck read only, then click apply and choose applies to all subfolders and files. Windows appears to change the properties (a window opens up and a green progress bar fills). But if I click OK and close properties, when I look at properties again, they are shown as read only again.

    This happens both when I am logged in under my user name, as well as if I log in as administrator.

    What's the deal? Am I doing something wrong. The only difficulty it's created so far was when attempting ti embed a cover art JPG into an MP3 file in my music library.

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    Hello patagriff,

    Are you sure that it's read only.

    If it's got a dot or blank in the Read-only box, then it's not set to be read only.

    Only when it's checked is it read only.

    Keep clicking on the Read-only box to see the different options.

    Hope tis helps,
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    Thank you. I feel like a moron, but that's not how things usually work. Kinda strange if you ask me.
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    You're welcome.

    Don't feel bad. It's not hard with it being a tick by default like that. In Vista and Windows 7 it was a filled in blue box instead of the tick.
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All files show Read Only in Properties- I cannot change
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