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Windows 8.1 Samsung Evo 850 crashes 0xc0000001 unsigned

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    Windows 8.1 Samsung Evo 850 crashes 0xc0000001 unsigned

    Attached is a speccy hardware list. When I set bootup option disable unsigned device drivers, the system crashes with error 0xc0000001 upon bootup. It keeps crashing till I boot up from install disk, get to command prompt and run a bcdboot /s command. I assume it clears the unsigned enforcement setting.

    I've tried this in AHCI and IDE modes with same result.
    It's not the MOBO, unless it's a quirk of MSI because both are MSI. The other MOBO is an 790XT-G45. They run just fine with digital enforcement turned off and booting from the conventional HDDs so it appears to be something going on with the EVO trying to boot w/o digital enforcement. As a result, I cannot install anything unsigned when booted to the EVO. Any thoughts, peanut shells, banana skins? Thanks

    Update: Installed W10 to another partition. Booted up with signing off, system booted and ran ~5 minutes, then BSOD 0xc01. Then all subsequent boots result in BSOD right after OS selection. It doesn't matter which OS selected. I'm looking at BIOS for updates.
    Windows 8.1 Samsung Evo 850 crashes 0xc0000001 unsigned Attached Files
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Windows 8.1 Samsung Evo 850 crashes 0xc0000001 unsigned
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