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Too many tablet choices this Xmas -- how to choose

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    Fseal, the problem with what you say is that people don't have a choice in how they can use a tablet now.

    want to do something? you need an app for the current model for tablets.

    the surface pro brings a full on pc experience with the best touch o/s to ever come out on one device, you don't need a laptop to compliment it all you need is a proper desktop and that and your set.

    granted other manufacturers will offer similar devices but they won't come with that keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    Conumers are not going to buy the Win 8 tabs.

    IF it flies it'll be on the buisness front.

    But frankly, iPad and Android will lead sales this year and next by about a 10:1 margin.

    While the pro is somewhat interesting, it's high price, heavy weight and poor battery life compared to every other tablet out there will be a three strikes for any significant user sales.

    Personally, the full size IPad or Nexus 10 are the best tabs atm for what tablets are generally used for. Or for book reading, the Kindle HD or Nexus 7, both depending on what "environment" you want to get hooked into.
    Again, this is very narrow minded. If people get educated on the pros of Win8 Pro Tablet, they would say "Ipad android RT who? Oh, you mean those GameBoy tablets that can't do much more than simple things..."

    Education is the key.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gazz9496 View Post
    Fseal, the problem with what you say is that people don't have a choice in how they can use a tablet now.

    want to do something? you need an app for the current model for tablets.

    the surface pro brings a full on pc experience with the best touch o/s to ever come out on one device, you don't need a laptop to compliment it all you need is a proper desktop and that and your set.

    granted other manufacturers will offer similar devices but they won't come with that keyboard.
    I fully agree that the /idea/ behind the surface HD is awesome. I was looking forward to it myself.

    But as pieces of the HD puzzle become clearer, it's looking less and less attractive. An ultralight looks like it'll best it on almost every front, price, battery life, versatility. I think a lot of people will look at it and also hesitate.

    Really you don't NEED a full desktop on a tablet now do you? A tablet is great because it is so light and has great battery life and is used for casual internet use, reading, checking on stuff, even shopping on the go. But if you need to get some real work done and need a real KB.. an ultralight is going to be WAY better than the surface HD at this point :/ Cheaper, better battery life, better kb etc.

    I think MS's attempt to meld universes is going to be a fail here as it has been on the desktop as well I'm afraid. And I am frankly ANGRY at MS for messing this up so badly. I was so looking forward to it and it's just... too many compromises...

    (Which is ironic given their "no compromises" mantra for Windows 8. Everything about 8 has been a giant set of compromises and the Surface/Surface HD are both more compromises :/)
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    There's a Surface HD in the works now, too? I knew about the Surface RT (I actually like the idea and have thought about getting a pair) and the Surface Pro. Do you have a link to information about the Surface HD? Or can I just use my snarkiness as an example of how important accurate information it?

    On a side note, where I to get a tablet purely for consumption, it would be the Nook HD or Nook HD+. I already use a Nook Simple Touch for books, and as someone who tends to prefer staying within an ecosystem, I'd find the Nook HD great for magazine subscriptions and mobile Hulu/Netflix viewing. The Surface RT would be great for my wife, who currently has a hopped-up netbook (11.6" Acer with an SSD and 8GB of RAM). She uses it mostly for web browsing and basic use of MS Office - nothing that Windows RT can't handle.
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    Ooops sorry, I meant "Surface Pro" (with the HD screen).
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    Agree completely. I have no need for a tablet with this much power and performance. I want a tablet to cost less than 400 and supplement my computer, not attempt to replace it. But I am also not the type that wants one device to do everything. For example, I have a kindle ereader as I don't want to read a book on my tablet. Would rather use my kindle and get 4-8 weeks of use or of a single charge.

    Having a tablet that can run real applications sounds good in theory and would likely be the most usable tablet for me personally...but not at its price point. Plus, as everybody here probably knows, I don't care for touchscreen devices anyway. I don't want a touchscreen desktop or laptop, and while I love my galaxy s3 phone, I sorely miss the physical keyboard from my old droid 2.

    I think MS has missed the mark thus far with this new OS and the Surface tablet. The phone stands a chance, but I think it is a long shot. It's going to take some time and singe changes to get Windows 8 to be a desired product for myself. I will be sticking with 7 and keeping my money.
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    this happens with every generation. people on the leading edge adopt nascent technology and wait for it to catch up to traditional models.

    like when there were typewriters with primitive word processors. They far outperformed the early PC/Atari/Commodore/Apple word processors (remember the ugly dot-matrix?). My teachers chuckled a bit when I turned in a paper with the dot matrix crap. But eventually, word processors caught up and looked just as good as what a typewriter could produce.

    And people are moving toward single devices that perform many functions. You look at a traditional GPS device like a Garmin. It's far better than using Google Maps on a cell phone. But people are content with dealing with the limitations of Google Maps on a phone because it's convenient not having 2 devices and not spending more money. And as GPS mapping technology gets better on the phone, that makes dedicated GPS devices more endangered. There is one advantage of GPS on the phone is that you have a much better search engine and because it's much easier to have live updates for things like POIs, traffic, etc. So this is a repeat of the typewriter/word processor transition.

    same thing with e-ink ereaders. the text is far nicer to read than a bright LCD. especially if you're in the sun (no contest at all, it's like the e-ink was designed for the sun). but people are content with having a multipurpose tablet that can read as well as do other things.

    same thing with tablets. they're very limited compared to what you can do with a computer. but people are content with getting tablets and waiting for the tech to catch up (if it ever does).
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    honestly the best thing to do when getting a tablet is really take a long hard look at what your own requirments are.

    if you really want to do high end buisness work then basicly forget tablets even exist, get an ultrabook or one of the hybrids and enjoy a better balance of power/performance/functionality/battery.

    if you plan on just playing angry birds or something or some other dull app then seriously consider why your even thinking about getting one.

    but that said it all comes down to a low adoption in different markets as well from telecoms infrastructure and the software industry shovelling shit apps our way non stop.

    if you don't plan on heavy buisness or work load use then most tablets are great for complimenting a decent desktop.

    any buisness right now that used tablets should probably audit them, make sure they are actually using them for work and not facebook/drawsomething.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    If Windows 8 was truly a great Operating System, it wouldn't be necessary for MS fanbois to have to convince me of it's greatness. Nobody had to tell me that Windows 7 was great, it was that obvious.
    it wasn't obvious until you used it,[win7] correct , for what i do with my computer i thought win7 was fantastic ,im now suing win8 and think it fantastic +
    give it a go you'll love it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    After a bit of research. Pound for Pound and dollar for Dollar, the Surface Pro (as long as it is a quality device) gives the best hardware options for the money.
    I have the Surface RT and I can tell you that it is definitely a high quality device, you will not be disappointed in that department.
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Too many tablet choices this Xmas -- how to choose
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