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w8 desktop experience -- removeable or not - to kill metro

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    w8 desktop experience -- removeable or not - to kill metro

    Hi there
    on W2012 server if you don't enable "Desktop Experience" in the manage your server ==> add features then you get boot straight to desktop although you have the bland desktop screen -- you can add backgrounds etc.

    I'm currently not on W8 but was just wondering if there was a similar option in control panel ==> turn windows features on or off.

    If the desktop experience could be disabled then Metro would vanish at a stroke --not sure if it can be done on W8 though.

    Does this feature exist on W8 anyone.

    I might look into the "Hackability" of W2012 server -- most of W8's code is based on this anyway.


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    Had a look a look expanded all options but cant find any reference to desktop experience.
    Do have a look, but those users who do not approve of the metro start window have in all probability installed classic shell the latest version takes you direct to the desktop
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    Well it /could/ mean that in the consumer version there is no UI for that option, but if the ability to completely kill Metro on the server (which of course would be necessary unless MS wanted to instantly lose ALL their server business), the core ability to do that on Windows 8 may be there but not exposed in the UI. Someone may figure out a way to do it on 8 once the you know what hits the fan big time on release...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    the ability to completely kill Metro
    Do you really want to kill Metro ? Or only Metro start menu ?

    I think it's not a good idea to kill Metro, because many configuration menus are only available in Metro style; e.g. enter WLAN key.

    But if you really want to kill Metro use "FxxkMetro.exe" - see here: Metro disabler
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    There is no desktop experience option in W8, W7, Vista, XP. There is a desktop experience in 2003 and 2008/R2/2012 which allow you to have a nicer GUI.
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    I don't think there is a "desktop experience" option in the client versions of Windows as Microsoft expects these are "desktops", and thus the desktop experience is the normal, default option.
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    I see no reason to kill Metro. If you hate might as well stay on Win7. lol Because quite frankly Windows 8 has nothing new on it really. Except for the mount option(which I just finally found out how to do, note to self: Don't ever install Winrar ever again)
    Anyway....the mounting and the Ribbin in explorer...that is literally all they added outside of Metro. From what I see in RP. Oh and I guess I can say the Task manager also is updated. Other then all that....that is it.
    It only takes 1 click to get to the desktop, sometimes I have to manually move my mouse and go to it but very rarely.
    I mean in some cases I do believe that Metro is pointless. Since Windows 7 was always had the feature to PIN anything to the start window. Even before 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeht View Post
    Because quite frankly Windows 8 has nothing new on it really.
    Nothing new ???

    As "core features" I see:
    • "Windows 8 To Go" - start Windows 8 from a USB stick
    • Hybrid start (faster startup)
    • Flexible switching between WLAN and UMTS: Use always fastest connection. Upon request, no updates on UMTS (volume rates)
    • Mount ISOs
    • USB3 support installed

    And many minor features:
    • New additional login option: Login by clicking on a pattern on a photo
    • Cloud Integration
    • PDF reader integrated
    • Read-aloud function improved - now available not only in English
    • Enhanced virus protection: "Defender" was expanded into a full virus scanner
    • Advanced copy function: Displays multiple copy operations simultaneously. Ability to pause and later resume a copying process, even after a shutdown or sleep mode. Better comparison of duplicate files. Graphical display of copy speed
    • Advanced device manager: In the driver properties a new tab "Events" has been added. This shows when each driver has been installed or updated with date and version
    • New task manager: With more visibility and display of auto start
    • Better multiple monitor support: Taskbar on each monitor. Each monitor can get own background image
    • Improved sensor support - if sensor is present: Temperature, pressure, light (to control the brightness of the screen), motion sensor, GPS (Geo-Location), blood pressure
    • DirectX11.1 for stereoscopic 3D graphics
    • System Restore with no data loss - but with loss of installed applications
    • Complete system restoration
    • Incremental Backup and Restore: "History Vault"
    • Support for ARM processors
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    The Windows To Go USB feature will ONLY be available in the "enterprise" version of the full Windows 8 release. This version of Windows is not sold to consumers directly. Thus, I would hesitate to list that as a "core feature" of Windows 8.
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    I think he means nothing new that is any use to him.

    It is fair enough.

    A lot of stuff has been removed too.

    About the only the feature that is any use to me is the usb3 support. Not exactly a biggie - it just saves a couple of drivers.

    Plenty of things in it that are a damn nuisance , too.
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w8 desktop experience -- removeable or not - to kill metro
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