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    Windows 8.1 consumer 64 bit

    I think this poll is skewed by the forum's population: The people here have made peace with Windows 8 and are trying to make the best of it.

    Windows 8 is the most stable and reliable OS I've ever used (my last was XP). On the other hand, the metro side of the OS is to me completely wrong for a PC with a keyboard. I use Classic Shell and stay completely within the old desktop environment and I am happy.

    On the other hand, less geeky users must just freak out when they are torn away from their old desktop and jammed into the metro environment. The hate for Win 8 is completely understandable. We here have to understand that the vast majority of users don't care one hoot about the nuances of the metro UI and how it may portend the future, they only want to slog through their daily grind without drama.

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    The answer to the poll will be greatly influenced by various factors .. particularly third-party add-ons / whether you use touch etc

    I am partial to David's, Popeye's, whs' and jimbo's comments

    anyway.. a spoiled vote from me I'm afraid...
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    Windows 8.1

    Now, I don't have windows 8 as an actual OS, but I use it as a vm on my crappy 1gb of ram laptop.
    for my experience it is one of the best if not the best operating systems ever.
    and yes, things do grow on you. Watch osfirstimer's best and worst os's and watch getting a new laptop.
    big difference.
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    Windows 8.1

    It's a great OS, Windows 8 with the Start Screen is what brought me back to Windows

    I do prefer the original 8.1 to the latest update of it

    Shame that MS is going to ruin 9 and take away Windows 8's best features, for me
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    I'm typically a gnu/Linux user. I've recently bought a surface pro 3 for artist work and the other windows programs I used to use. It is taking me a while to get used to the interface. Too be honest I have no problem with metro, what does bother me is that desktop app integration to metro is not complete. I was expecting metro to do the necessary tweaks etc to programs to make them look good; not programs having to be rebuilt to integrate them.
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    I wasn't crazy about it at 1st. The lack of the start button menu was a major factor in my dislike of it initially. It does seem to perform faster then Win 7 & some of the features are nice, once you get used to them. I did like it a lot better after installing Classic shell.

    Why MS decided to ditch the start menu feature after so many prior versions, is something only MS knows. I don't believe it was a good move on their part & if they were trying to usher in a new way of computing, they should have at least given users the option to revert to "classic" windows style, such as was present on previous systems.

    No matter, the subject has been rendered academic. All in all, once you get used to it (as with most things) it is a nice, faster OS.
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    I'm assuming the poll is for 8.x, meaning 8 and 8.1 and will use 8.x as meaning both. I voted no. I liked it from the get go. I see many have changed their minds over the months since releases.

    Looking at the "big picture" I'll include both the technical and business points of view.

    Looking back with both points of view in mind > 8 the way it was released was one of the biggest mistakes in computing ever. Rather more of a marketing bomb via the technical learning curve. A real Ballmer and Sinofsky boner. Although others and I found it to be a refreshing change, the majority did not. Too drastic and confusing change for many. Personally I didn't realize that until the release of 8.1 and listening to opinions of others, especially here on the forums. Couldn't agree more that 8 should have been 8.1. Perhaps even including Update 1. That would've made the transition much easier. Suggestions just as Cokie made such as a Desktop, File Explorer, Control Panel, and other tiles should have been included on the Start Screen by default. Those could be eliminated by choice once learned how to open via other menus or Charms bar.

    From a technical point of view, 8.x are as stable as 7 using smaller OS kernel footprint and approximately the same resources, but containing many more features starting with a faster boot with transmitting personal data via the Start Screen upon boot in real time. The Real Quality Boot Time of 8 Verses 7 Of course there are many other features of the system, which are too numerous to mention, but here are a few scenarios below.

    Once learned, overall the Modern/Metro system is quicker with receiving and transmitting data versus the past desktop OS systems. By data meaning many types of files > Office, CAD, XPS/PDF, pics/screenshots/snips, and the like via any medium > email, text messaging, OneDrive public folder, fax, Skype, or personal messaging. That's not to say they're all included as choices in Charms > yet. I foresee a day they will be.

    Click image for larger version

    We can include the original state of the Modern/Metro Store apps in the Ballmer/Sinofsky mistake by pushing the system out the door too soon, but with time via updates the apps have come along quite nicely. The way they work in conjunction of one another via Charms is a marvel and a joy to use. I'm whole heartedly convinced with this approach and can no longer be convinced otherwise.

    Can all this be performed on a desktop system? Of course, but with many more time-consuming steps. e.g. Scenario #1 > When Office is released in Modern/Metro and one has just completed a letter in Word to send off > While still viewing the letter in Office/Word > Charms bar > Share > Pick medium to send with. I’ll choose email.

    Click image for larger version

    Start to type recipients name or address (if it is in one’s People app (contacts), it finds automatically filtering via dropdown list > choose name)

    Click image for larger version

    Alt/S or “Send” sends the letter off via that medium without opening the email app to do so. It's all performed on one screen via Charms.

    Versus Win32 Desktop system

    Save the letter (Word file/.Docx) > Close it out for it can’t be accessed as attachment unless it is (may leave Word open) > Open email client program (either via Start Menu, Taskbar, or desktop shortcut. If latter, minimize Office if kept open) select "New email" > Type recipients address (unless linked to contacts as described above, then look for it if not memorized OR go to contacts to right-click to choose "Send email" then wait for the email program to open) > Click “Attach” > Find file scrolling through File Explorer window > Send. How much clicking/navigating will that take? How many screens will that take?

    Bottom line > I'll have that letter sent before one can open an email client and/or contacts after all the time it takes to find their links.

    Scenario #2:

    We have a friend that came in from France that doesn't speak English so well and we don't speak French well. He offers to go to the store while we're at work to get the groceries for dinner. I type up a list in English using Word and use MS Translator app within Word to convert to French.

    Click image for larger version

    It doesn’t exactly retain as a list, but I can copy/paste that under the English list to make it a list again.

    Click image for larger version

    I then proceed to email him the list via Charms of which he receives with his smart phone.

    Click image for larger version

    Which system will perform this task quicker?

    BTW, here’s the new radial editing menu in Modern/Metro Store OneNote which I think will be included in Modern/Metro Office:

    Click image for larger version

    OneNote Help

    Most likely they will further the system more with 9. Business wise, MS continues to be far ahead of their competitors with their platform of similar OSs to run on multiple platforms/devices for a similar experience and methodology of receiving and transmitting data. Including their services also.
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    Windows 8.1

    I hope they keep the start screen in windows 9, because that's one of the main reasons i like windows 8.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   Start-Screen.png  
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    Windows 8.1

    same for me, the start screen is what I like in 8, I do have a feeling though that it wont be the same in 9

    just over 2 weeks and we should find out what MS has in store for us
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    I didn't like 8.0 much, but I do like the changes made in 8.1. I'm now running it on all my PC's.
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