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Thoughts on Windows Phone 8?

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    Thoughts on Windows Phone 8?

    Hello everyone,
    So I am looking at buying a Windows Phone with my tax return and I am curious for those of you who own or are thinking about owning what your experience has been with the platform? I only use my phone for social media, texting, skype, calling, music player and gps. As far as I know these phones can do all this and the reason for my interest is I was a huge fan of zune so the xbox music pass is appealing especially since I will also be buying an xbox one and I have a Windows 8.1 computer. Thank you for any input.

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    Windows 8.1

    I have just moved over to Windows Phone (Android for last 2 years), the first couple of days with it I was unsure, it did seem quite basic, but after learning it more it is a really nice phone and has everything (for me) that I need

    I use it for similar to you (minus Skype)

    Never had a zune, so you might need to check on this, but I have read reports about zune drm'ed content needing to be downloaded again as xbox drm is slightly different

    Currently I am trying out the xbox music pass, I can download anything straight to phone/pc and it is there for offline playback or just stream to these devices

    I have the xbox 360 so unsure if the xbox music has changed on the one, but for streaming the media it is very nice

    Windows 8.1, Windows Phone & Xbox are very nice when used together, you get a very similar experience on all of them (for media)

    The Xbox Music & Xbox Video have just been released for the phone (currently it has a Music & Video in a combined app), the apps are very similar to the versions on Windows 8.1
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    I just purchased a Nokia Lumia 1520 WP8 via the outright introductory package/offer from the MS online store and went with AT&T prepay in November.

    As you probably know, this is a phablet sized device. I can assure you that this is a great device (or any WP8) using it along with MS services such as you mentioned along with your other devices. It has surely simplified my life so far as implementation, synching, purchasing items, and the like. I dare say that once the general public catches wind of what MS is trying to achieve, it going to be a big hit. I don't see any other company trying to achieve this at this depth.

    The OS and apps on this thing are very stable. Not a bit of problems thus far. The only drawback I have with it is the lack of apps. e.g. My bank has an app for Android and iPhone, but not for WP8. I can use the browser to easily check my bank account, especially with the phablet size, but I would much rather prefer the walled-garden approach. My bank is a smaller independent bank, so they may not see it feasible to have an app written for WP8. Another example lately is my local watering hole just installed an modern TouchTunes Internet juke box that doesn't have the app for WP, but has it for the "other two". This is quite the system with services. Rather brilliant! This is where I would have an account: corner tap | myTouchTunes

    While I was on that site I wrote them asking if they have a WP app up and coming. Hopefully a lot more apps such as these will be introduced. Other than that I have not regretted buying this phone.


    Brink has tutes on the phone: Windows 8 Tutorials
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    It is a little different than windows 8.

    You scroll the tiles still, and swipe left to get to 'all apps'. You can pin, unpin, and resize tiles, and move them. My phone was the cheaper model. I like the camera, because it auto-lightens the environment to see an image more clearly in a dark area. However, my particular model did not come with flash.

    The higher models get better cameras. On my phone, the picture gets fuzzy if you zoom in at all. I've learned that 8GB fills up really fast, especially if you add music or games. My Micro-SD card add-in (3rd party) seemed to have become corrupted. The phone said I had to put it in a computer to fix it.

    I use word (basic word and excel included). Skydrive (Onedrive) has been very helpful in loading stuff to the cloud and my computer, and saving important things on my phone, like notes and lists. Email seemed really easy to set up. I also use the calendar and people apps synced to my outlook, so I always have such things available. Some apps that are available both on your computer app store and the phone, you can buy once and have for both devices with the same MS account. Sometimes the price is even cheaper on the phone. There are plenty of useful free apps as well. You can pin webpages to your home/start screen.

    I've had something happen strange where My phone screen would go dark as I was typing, but it was easy to 'lock' it and 'unlock' it (pressing a side button twice), and it would be back to normal, with no loss of what I was typing. Think it happened twice since I had it. Perhaps there is a 'bad apple' in some barrels.

    You cannot get pictures or send pictures (MMS) unless you have data enabled on your phone. I only turn mine on in a wifi zone to work with pictures, and turn it right back off. I think group texts (messaging) falls into this category. I hate them, so I turn them off. I still get 'download media content' if someone includes me in a group text, however.

    You can enable the find my phone feature, that you can choose at the right moment to delete your phone contents, lock your phone, or locate your phone, etc if need be. I like this feature. My nokia lumia has a setting where you can use the phone with just a nail, or wearing gloves. You can have a setting where you flip the phone face down to silence ringer, or choose not to.

    Did you have any particular questions about it?
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    Hi guys,

    I have read all your comments on the Windows 8/8.1 phone and I think that when my contract ends, at the end of March, I might go for one. Been used to HTC, but this latest one of mine, I am sure, has a burn on the screen. There is, what looks like an oil slick coming down from the top left to about 1/3rd of the way down an internal mark, like diesel oil on water. Sending it back for repair.

    I think I will move away from Android as well.

    Thanks again guys, for helping to make my mind up.
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    Southern California
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center x64

    Forgot to mention that syncing my phone with facebook was awesome, because it added those contacts to my phone. That means their photo appears next to their name, instead of my having to manually add their photo. Did the same for Hotmail. So now I have the emails and phone numbers of people who chose to share such info on those sites.
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    I have a Windows 8 phone, it's the entry level Nokia Lumia 520. It's a brilliant phone though even though it's not top of the range, just did the software update to Black this afternoon. Ok some apps I can't get because it's not higher up the specs and I think probably my network provider would block some items.

    It has a brilliant camera, it's the only one I use now because it's always with me. I know it's doesn't have the vast amount of apps that an Android phone has, I used to have an HTC before, but so far it has all the ones I need.

    I don't miss Android as I've just got a Kindle Fire HD and that has it, I'm still playing with that setting it up.
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    Canon City
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    Thanks everyone for all your inputs, was just wanting to hear how everyone's experience has been with the platform. I am currently with Ting for my provider and we have no contracts so I have to buy the phone out right and I am looking at getting the Samsung ATIV S Neo for $396, this is the only Window Phones we have as I do wish they got Nokia though.

    I guess my only question would be how is the gps? I had a buddy who had a WP7 and said the gps was okay other then no voice directions. Voice would be nice but not a deal breaker for me, is the gps accurate? My android has been okay but "maps" for my wife iPhone is horrible, if I listen to that damn thing I would drive straight into a lake sometimes.
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    Here's something I just performed. I'm not much of a cook for I'm just learning and I don't have recipes. I need to go to the store to pick up items for meatloaf dinner. I'm on my desktop PC. I go to my Start Screen. I type "mea" (that's all it took) > meatloaf recipe appears and I choose it. It opens a ton of recipes. I pick one that looks good. I copy and paste it to my OneNote. It will all be on my phone ready for me to have a list when I get to the store.

    Bing integrated into 8.1 is the thing! OneNote on my phone also makes my life easier.
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    Navigation works great. Use it quite frequently. It has voice. I find it just as accurate as on my old Droid.
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