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    Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 32Bit

    Hello HippsieGypsie!

    Problem (aparently) solved!

    Yesterday night my cousin helped me with the "surgery" (following the guide I posted earlier) and we found that the fan vent was full of dust, preventing the exaust. The nvidia chip was really close to the vent so I guess that's why it was the first thing failing with the heat.

    The computer isn't overheating anymore and no more freezes for the last 24 hours!

    Thanks for your help in the process!
    Best regards,


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    That's great ricaforrica! Good going

    I believe all things work for the good even if at the time incidences seem bad. It seems that if you didn't load 8, you might not have known the problem, therefore the machine might have burned up.

    You're quite welcome That's what this forum is all about. Helping each other.
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 32Bit

    Hello HippsieGypsie and other forumers!

    Well... it was only "aparently" not for good
    A couple of hours after my post I got another freeze or BSOD!

    I was out for the weekend and since monday I've been working in safe mode, as I had many tasks to finish and couldn't afford to loose any time. Today before leaving work I shut down the laptop and at night when I started working I had many freezes and a couple of BSODs (video_tdr_failure and dpc_watchdog_violation).

    So I'm posting another zip with my logs and perhaps in the weekend I will try to use msconfing to do some aditional checks.
    I could always try to install Windows 7!

    Thanks again!
    Best regards,

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    Wow, Ricardo. Bummer to hear that!

    It's getting late for me here. Time for bed. I'll download your zip and take a look soon.
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    I finally had time to open your files, but unfortunately they are in your native tongue and I don't speak it. Is it Spanish?
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 32Bit

    No, it's portuguese
    Perhaps if i change some settings in the control panel I could run again the tool to get the logs in English... I'll give it a try!
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    Perhaps a Portuguese speaking member can help?
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    Win 8 Enterprise RTM

    My guess is a hardware failure, such as this one
    also correlated with the heating. My Geforce go 7700 also gave way.

    New recall on Pavillion dv9000? - General-Laptops-Notebooks - Laptops-Notebooks

    You can try a stress test too.

    Remove virus scanners, deamon tools, etc..

    Note that more people have problems with tdr issues on win8 specifically. Please standby for newer drivers, etc...
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