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    Okay so I got home from school and tried to run CS:GO offline without my ethernet cable connected and my computer in airplane mode but that didn't really help either.

    I downloaded SpeedFan because you told me that my CPU is running hot but I can't find any fans at all... Very strange. I can feel air coming out from the vent but as far as I can tell it's never increasing in the amount of air coming out. I attach some pictures of the various so that you can see what's going on. I'll also attach my minidump folder.


    PS: My notebook is idle in these pictures.

    EDIT: Alright I've pretty much given up right now. The BSOD's are only getting worse and occurs more often now. I will probably send my notebook back in to ASUS again. Yay for another three weeks without a computer. Great timing with my school as well... So since they only changed my HDD last time I'm guessing they need quite specific instructions on what they have to do because they don't really seem capable of doing much testing by themselves... Do you have anything specific you can recommend me telling them that they should look at? I was thinking telling them that they should take a look on my GPU as well as my CPU as well as the cooling of my system.

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Make sure that the system is blown out with canned air (DO NOT use an air compressor or a vacuum as they can cause damage to the system).

    Try using a laptop cooling pad in order to cool things down.
    The temps that you've provided don't seem to be in the 70's - the highest that I saw was 57șC
    It's most likely that the high temps were due to the settings of CS:GO - so I'd use a cooling pad when playing games like that.

    I think that the situation with the network is the most significant item here.
    The continued problem that is directly associated with the BSOD's is most likely to be the problem.

    Ran the last 4 memory dumps (from 12 Mar), 1 was corrupted.

    The remaining memory dumps don't blame 3rd party drivers.
    They are also of the type that usually respond well to the use of Driver Verifier
    Yet, when you ran Driver Verifier, they didn't identify any 3rd party drivers (but one did mention Windows networking).
    As such (and IMO) there's 2 possibilities here:
    - hardware problem
    - Windows problem

    Since they replaced your hard drive on the last RMA (this also replace Windows), it's not likely that this is a Windows problem.
    That leaves hardware.
    I presume it's your networking hardware because of the problems that you have when using the network.

    Good luck w/Asus. Unfortunately, it's difficult to pin down a specific problem like this. I'd include as much info about this (maybe include a printout of this topic?) so that the tech who does the testing can figure this out quickly.
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    Windows 8

    Yeah those temperatures were from right after a BSOD, but if I start a game such as CS:GO then it will go up to about 70 degrees,

    What i find strange is that if I use my GPU then the notebook crashes after about 1 minute of gameplay but with the integrated graphics it can run smooth for hour or sometimes just crash after 5 minutes (although it always crashes after 1 minute with the dedicated GPU).

    I've been in contact with ASUS and they guaranteed me (yeah right, doubt it) that the issue would get resolved the next time I send my notebook in.

    I'll send it in to them and keep my fingers crossed that they get it fixed this time.

    I'll provide them with detailed instructions on what we've done as well as printing this forum thread and highlighting the imporntant parts (you can never be sure that they actually bother to read it though).

    Thank you so much for your help, you've been absolutely awesome. Couldn't be more grateful for your help!
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Thanks for the kind words!

    In short, if Asus can reproduce the problem (reliably) then they can fix it.
    If they can't reproduce it, then they're just (essentially) futzing around replacing parts.

    The more info you can give them on how to reproduce the problem, the more likely they are to come up with a fix.

    Also, most repair facilities are graded on "Turn-Time" - the time it takes to get a system fixed and back out the door.
    This tends to keep troubleshooting limited.
    At work we get around this (thanks to an understanding boss), by showing (reproducing) the problem to him.
    He still pushes to get it "fixed" quickly - but that's where the sales force overrules the technicians (as I'd gladly spend a month or two troubleshooting a single problem).

    Good luck!
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