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All of the tests that you've done lean towards it being a problem with the motherboard. But that isn't a certainty - it could still be a problem with the video card.
The only other thing to try would be another XFX Nvidia GT 630 in order to verify that it's that particular card that causes this problem. Then you'd have to convince Lenovo to generate a new BIOS (Sorry, but I don't have any pull with them).

I doubt that it's an incompatibility tho' - as there'd be lot's of mentions of problems with this card on the web (which I didn't find)
Most likely is a problem with the mobo that is only triggered by this type of card (I'd have to wonder if other, more advanced nVidia products would have similar problems - as I presume they'd have similar features).

Cheapest "fix" is to try another XFX Nvida GT 630
- if able to RMA the currect card, that'd be easiest
- you could also purchase one from a shop that accepts returns (and will return your money) if it's not needed.
If the problems remain, then replace the mobo.
If the problems are fixed, then it was the card
usasma, thanks again for the recommendation. Unfortunately, none of the stores (both locally and online) carry the XFX GT 630 model anymore. But any dual fan video card from XFX comes with life-time warranty so I could possibly RMA it. However, shipping it back would cost me more than the price of the video card itself (I got it very cheap for $29.99 after rebate)! So I guess I will switch the XFX GT 630 to either one of the two custom builds (since it does not BSOD coming out of sleep when installed in the two custom builds).

Anyway, I greatly appreciate you taking your time to look into my case and provide me with valuable advice. Keep up the good work!