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Black screen ( not blue ) after boot logo

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    Black screen ( not blue ) after boot logo

    Hello all,

    I have a problem (obviously) with my computer.. This computer is a new rig and even though i've been having Blue screens of Death at the beginning ( fixed through forum troubleshooting ), everything's been running perfectly.

    Here are the specs to my computer running Windows 8 Pro

    MOBO : Asus p8z77-V PRO
    CPU : Intel i-5 3570k
    RAM : 1x4gb cl8 12800 Gskill Ripjaw ( i had 2 but one of them was faulty so it was removed )
    SSD : Samsung 840 250gb (OS : Windows 8 pro x64 )
    HDD : WD Caviar Black 1tb
    Heatsink : Noctua NH-D14
    PSU : Antec HCP 850 gold
    GPU : MSI Radeon 6950 Twin FROZR ( i have a spare GeForce 9600 GT which i will get into details later )

    My monitor is a Xstar 27" 1440p. It has been running on overclock from 60hz to 100hz, without any problems.

    Now to the problem :

    I've been having MAJOR problems with my WiFi. The wifi adapter is the intergrated one from the Mobo, WiFi Go, which only has 2.4 ghz. So i was trying to find out how i could make my computer compatible with 5ghz. I moved the case ( and i think the Dual DVI cable on the graphic card might have pulled just a bit ), and i see a popup on my monitor at the bottom right corner saying " Display Driver has failed but recovered " or something very similar.

    Next thing i know, my peripherals dont work anymore. Screen seems frozen ( but i dont know for SURE that it was frozen, might be just my peripherals that stopped working because i can't remember if there was an animated image still moving or not in one of the opened windows.. it's all very blurry at this point )

    From what I know and what I can see ( with verifications made later on ), i don't think any updates have been done, and no drivers were updated.

    So I hard reset my computer and whadda ya know.. Windows logo shows and right after ( when i'm supposed to get the logon screen ), the monitor just turns black.... So i reset a couple of times, and every time is the exact same problem. The screen just goes black after the boot sequence.

    Heres what i tried :

    - Tried restoring from a restore point. Didn't work
    - Tried in safe mode. Computer boots up and works.
    - - Tried uninstalling graphics drivers. OK
    - - Tried reinstalling the drivers, but the card was not recognized and the only way to get the drivers for my card is with an auto-detect from AMD. So that didn't work.
    - - When reebooting the computer, screen goes black again

    - Tried reseating my card. Didn't work
    - Tried the second DVI slot on my card. Didn't work
    - Tried taking out the card and plugging a second monitor (1080p, because the korean one was not compatible with the iGPU ) to the intergrated gpu. The computer boots up fine.

    - I call ASUS customer support. I explain the situation and the guy tells me to RMA my graphics card. Which i do, and I send it away.

    Now.. I could've stopped there, but since i JUST got into my 3 weeks vacation from work, and wanted to use a bit of that time to play a few games on the computer, I tried running them with the iGPU. As expected, it ... it was barely acceptable for a low-end graphics game.

    I then remembered I had another GPU ( GeForce 9600 GT ) in an older computer I gave to my girlfriend for her work. Knowing it wasnt gonna be much improvement, I still decided to try it out. So i plug it in, connect my 1080p monitor to it... And then that's when I realized that the GPU i sent back for RMA was NOT the problem. Because it did the exact same thing for this GPU.

    So i tried reinstalling the drivers for the Gefore ( which this time, the install worked because it's not an autodetect ), but the problem was not solved. Still a black screen. I try to look around in forums some more, and I can't seem to find anything that is like my situation.

    I read somewhere that it was recommended to run Chkdsk /f /r or something. When I did that in Safe Mode with networking, it said it couldnt do it right away. So it prompted me to ask if I wanted to schedule it on next startup. To which I said yes.

    Good god, I inflicted myself another 5 hours and an overnight of troubleshooting. I was not able to reboot my computer and cancel the chkdsk because it was stuck at 28%. I rebooted, trying to cancel PRIOR the chkdsk started, but as soon as the windows logo came on, it said " you have 0 seconds to press any key to cancel the operation " or something. So i couldnt cancel it in any way. Anyways, after a while I just gave up and went to sleep. When I come back, i could boot up the computer just fine with my monitor plugged in to the intergrated mobo gpu.

    I am now here, short of options and solutions, after trying to troubleshoot by myself and with extensive research, asking for your help on how to finally solve this, or at LEAST find the problem so I can possibly RMA if anything is wrong.

    Thank you for taking your time to read and I can't wait to hear from someone.

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    From my experience, a black screen (right before entering windows) usually points to a graphics issue. Things to try:

    Reset BIOS to defaults
    Make sure BIOS graphics is set to use PCI-e (not onboard or integrated)
    (The above assumes your monitor is connected to the PCI-e card)
    If no good, move the monitor cable to the onboard/integrated graphics port (if available) on the mobo and set BIOS accordingly
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    I had a similar problem

    Black screen.

    It would boot in Safe Mode.

    Sorry to say, it took a refresh to fix it.
    It took me 6 hours to reinstall lost programs & 55 windows updates.
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    @Justatest: I manually set my bios to go to the on-board graphics of the moto to actually be able to use my computer. When bios set to default and on pci express graphics, screen turns black. Monitor is on (not standby) because it detects a source, but there's just nothing coming through

    @david bailey : I'm really hoping not to get there
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    So it works with integrated; yes?

    Boot into safe mode
    Uninstall PCI-e drivers
    Move monitor connection back to PCI-e card
    Reboot (Win 8 will now try to use default VGA driver)

    If OK, PCI-e card is probably OK, try reinstalling the latest drivers
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    One other thought while you're working through my latest recommendations (I hope). Any chance you forgot to make all auxiliary power connections to the PCI-e card (if/as required)?
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    How do I uninstall PCI express drivers ?
    When I go into Device Manager, under System Devices, i see these 2
    PCI standard PCI to PCI bridge
    PCI Express Root Complex
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustATest View Post
    One other thought while you're working through my latest recommendations (I hope). Any chance you forgot to make all auxiliary power connections to the PCI-e card (if/as required)?
    Uhm... you mean the 6 pin power coming from the power supply ? Yes I had it connected on my Radeon 6950 ( because it was always connected ) and when i tried with the Gefore 9600, at first I did forget, but then after 2 minutes I realized i needed to plug in the power. So yeah
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    Go to Device Manager> Display Adapters> Uninstall PCI-e graphics entry. If not present, you may have to try and boot into safe mode with PCI-e cable connected. If that doesn't work, the mobo or slot may be damaged (you did say something moved but I'm not going back to read all that again). This is my final suggestion. If it doesn't work, maybe David Bailey can help you do a reinstall but I don't think that is the issue. Right now, the problem has been isolated to the PCI-e slot, chipset, driver or installation issue. Good luck.
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    Yes i did say that the Dual DVI cable might have pulled just a little bit on the back of the Radeon 6950's slots.

    One thing I forgot to mention, is that I don't think it's that particular PCIe slot because on my mobo, I have 2 slots ( one 2.0 and one 3.0 ). My radeon was connected to the 3.0, and now, I tried the Geforce with the 2.0 slot.
    I did not try it on the 3.0 slot because since then I had to go buy and install an AC network band card on a PCIe 1x slot, keeping me from using the 3.0 16x PCIe slot because theyre too close to eachother.

    Anyways, trying to figure out what you're saying. By "Uninstall PCI-e graphics entry", do you mean the corresponding graphic card connected by PCIe ? Because in Device manager under display adapters, I have the onboard Intel(R) HD graphics 4000, and I have NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT. If you're talking about the latter, i've already proceeded with the uninstall of the drivers and no change was made.

    I'll try again, but just to make sure, what do you mean by "boot in safe mode with PCIe cable connected "... PCIe cable ? you mean the graphic card connected ?
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Black screen ( not blue ) after boot logo
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