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continuous crashing/freezing - programs "not responding"

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    continuous crashing/freezing - programs "not responding"

    help! tried everything I know and to no avail. samsung chronos series 700Z5C-s, 8 gb ram, 2.3 ghz intel core i7, just upgraded from w7 to w8, never had problems with 7 now every program is "not responding". everything!

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    Hello there!

    I found the following error couple of times in Event Viewer we need to rebuild the Performance Counter.

    Unloading the performance counter strings for service WmiApRpl (WmiApRpl) failed. The first DWORD in the Data section contains the error code.
    The performance strings in the Performance registry value is corrupted when process Performance extension counter provider. The BaseIndex value from the Performance registry is the first DWORD in the Data section, LastCounter value is the second DWORD in the Data section, and LastHelp value is the third DWORD in the Data section.

    1. Press Win + X .
    2. Click Command Prompt(Admin).
    3. At the command prompt, type lodctr /r, and then press ENTER.
    4. Reboot the System to take effect

    Run a SFC Scannow to make sure all the System files are intact.
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    I don't have a Windows crash problem, but came to this thread because of performance counter problem. I tried lodctr /r and it did not work for me. I got this error when I tried it:

    [unable to rebuild performance counter error code is 2]

    To make a long story short I am now trying to rebuild performance counters manually, based on information at this link:

    How to manually rebuild Performance Counter Library values

    Unfortunately the information on changing registry is quite confusing. For step #3, in my registry there's no "Last Counter" or "Last Help" entry. There's a "Counter" and "Help" entry, each with long line of information in data field, and I have no clue which number among that line of string is supposed to be last counter or last help.

    I already tried sfc /scannow but no success. Any suggestion?
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    I'm not familiar with the performance counters, but did note that the article that you cite does not apply to Win8 (although Win7 has similarities, they are not identical).

    Try the following DISM commands to see if there's any problems with the system (from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt). Press Enter after each one:
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    If the problem is fixable, you can use this command to repair it (from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt). Press Enter after typing it:
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    From this article: Repair a Windows Image

    You can also run sfc.exe /scannow from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt to check for further corruption.

    Other ways to repair the innards of Win8 would be the Refresh and Reset options (along with a clean install of Win8, but that's a bit drastic at this point).
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continuous crashing/freezing - programs "not responding"
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