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Welcome, Malwarebytes is good, try MRT.exe too. Keep Malwarebytes and run it regularly with having Windows Defender, if can not afford get another AV. 42 that's a lot, be more careful surfing internet what you click on.

Only 2 things, malware or see here https://www.google.com/search?q=PUP....utf-8&oe=utf-8
Thanks for your help! My IE is back to normal and it is useable again. No new unknown programs have been installed on my system. I do wonder how this stuff got on my system, I am normally very careful about Internet surfing and installing programs. I have my suspicions, I installed a driver from ASUS and the installer asked to install another program from a publisher I did not recognize. I said NO twice and then it installed anyways. I have reported this to ASUS.

Malwarebytes impressed me because this trial scanned my system, found the problems and then deleted the problems. Usually these type of trials tell you what they can do for you but they want your credit card number before actually doing anything.
Malwarebytes is very good, another i believe is good and free being SuperAnti-Spyware. Although free for scans, not to be used for real time protection of course unless pay for the premium version. Odd as ASUS is a reputable company, but if this is when it started happening very well could have been. Browser hijacks are very common. Look up Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for browser. Your most welcome, glad your good.