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PLS HELP! Upgraded to windows 8 , system refresh and lost all my softw

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    PLS HELP! Upgraded to windows 8 , system refresh and lost all my softw

    PLS HELP! Upgraded to windows 8 , system refresh and lost all my software, I need my emails folder!!

    Hey Everyone. Thanks for reading.

    Ok heres my details:
    1) I upgraded from windows 7 to 8, everything went fine! All my files and programs upgraded fine!!
    2)when I upgraded I was messing with the settings and messed with the contrast. And my screen turned black and everything was outline.
    3) tried to turn contrast off but it would not, spent an hour trying to figure out how to turn contract the setting off.
    4)I read that I could do I "SYSTEM REFRESH"
    5) performed a system refresh,
    6) system refresh , did not fix the contract issue and "DELETED" all my software.
    7) system refresh deleted my "windows live mail" and all my emails are gone!!

    I tried looking into my" windows.old" folder but I think that the system refresh overwrote my windows 7 .old folder, and copied the previous windows 8 installation prior to the system refresh( the upgrade version form 7)

    How can I find my emails folder?
    should I restore my widows.old to the previous upgraded 8 windows( after upgrade but before system refresh) and will it help?

    Thanks everyone, I just need my emails for my business, the rest of the software I can reinstall!!


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    Hi zalezd. Welcome to EightForums.

    I'm sorry to here your misfortune. I know this feeling of losing files all to well.

    Did you backup files while using 7 prior to the 8 upgrade? If so, by what means.
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    windows 8

    I did have a back up to and external drive but it was like 7 moths ago. Like I mentioned the program files don't bother me as much as the emails from "windows live mail". I Need the emails for all this year!

    Thaks for your reply!!!
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    Your surely welcome on the reply.

    I understand, for I'm in business myself. You say the refresh overwrote the 7.old file. You're absolutely positive? If so, does a new 8.old file exist from the refresh by any chance? Not sure if it creates one.
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    Another thing. I have a Live account and use that email for business. Did you store emails in folders you made in that account by any chance?
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    Hey Gypsie,

    im not positive that it did overwrite the windows 7 folder , But YES there is a windows.old folder, I just don't knowif its windows 7 .old or a 8 overwrite. When I do go into the folder I don't see any of my old programs.

    How do I know which windows version is the windows.old folder for?

    And no I didn't have a live account It was for my websites cpanel email. My hosting company. I was using "windows live mail 2012" from essentials to read/write my emails. Windows live 2012 is my email client.

    My hosting company only stores my incoming not my outgoing.
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    Sorry for the delay. I got busy. Good that there's a .old file. I'm pretty sure the emails are there but not positive. I don't see why they wouldn't be. Not that savvy to know for sure.

    Let me PM some friends that would know more. Hopefully someone else may answer the thread also in the mean time. This will keep the thread bumped up. Hang in there!

    I take it you're posting from another computer or device?
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    The .old file is what's used to transfer personal files to new OSs is my understanding. Just to let you know.
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    Sorry didn't fully read the thread before posting!
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    Welcome to Eight Forums . You can manually retrieve files from the .old folder. Not sure in what form they are stored, or if you can just replace the folder with the old one. Someone more familiar with 8, and the .old folder may have a better method.

    How to retrieve your files from the Windows.old folder - Microsoft Windows

    A Guy
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PLS HELP! Upgraded to windows 8 , system refresh and lost all my softw
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