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Installing all the updates offline?

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    Installing all the updates offline?

    So I have a quick question, is there a way to download and install all the updates in offline mode? like downloading all the standalones (or better yet, all the updates rolled into one) before installing windows and installing them afterwards?


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    Yes, plenty - the trick is figuring out which ones you need.

    Here is a list from my current win7 x64 system, if it helps.

    KB982861 Update
    KB2425227 Security Update
    KB2479943 Security Update
    KB2484033 Update
    KB2488113 Update
    KB2491683 Security Update
    KB2492386 Update
    KB2505438 Update
    KB2506014 Update
    KB2506212 Security Update
    KB2506928 Update
    KB2507618 Security Update
    KB2509553 Security Update
    KB2511250 Update
    KB2511455 Security Update
    KB2515325 Update
    KB2522422 Update
    KB2529073 Update
    KB2532531 Security Update
    KB2533552 Update
    KB2536275 Security Update
    KB2536276 Security Update
    KB2541014 Update
    KB2544893 Security Update
    KB2545698 Update
    KB2547666 Update
    KB2552343 Update
    KB2560656 Security Update
    KB2563227 Update
    KB2564958 Security Update
    KB2567680 Security Update
    KB2570947 Security Update
    KB2579686 Security Update
    KB2584146 Security Update
    KB2585542 Security Update
    KB2603229 Update
    KB2604115 Security Update
    KB2618451 Security Update
    KB2619339 Security Update
    KB2620704 Security Update
    KB2620712 Security Update
    KB2621440 Security Update
    KB2631813 Security Update
    KB2633952 Update
    KB2640148 Update
    KB2644615 Security Update
    KB2645640 Security Update
    KB2647753 Update
    KB2653956 Security Update
    KB2654428 Security Update
    KB2655992 Security Update
    KB2656356 Security Update
    KB2656373 Security Update
    KB2656411 Security Update
    KB2658846 Security Update
    KB2659262 Security Update
    KB2660075 Update
    KB2660649 Security Update
    KB2667402 Security Update
    KB2676562 Security Update
    KB2677070 Update
    KB2679255 Hotfix
    KB2685939 Security Update
    KB2686831 Security Update
    KB2688338 Security Update
    KB2690533 Security Update
    KB2691442 Security Update
    KB2698365 Security Update
    KB2699779 Update
    KB2705219 Security Update
    KB2709630 Update
    KB2709715 Security Update
    KB2709981 Update
    KB2712808 Security Update
    KB2718704 Update
    KB2719857 Update
    KB2719985 Security Update
    KB2729094 Update
    KB2731847 Security Update
    KB2732059 Update
    KB2732487 Hotfix
    KB2732500 Update
    KB2735855 Update
    KB2736233 Update
    KB2741355 Update
    KB958488 Update
    KB976902 Update
    KB982018 Update
    You will still need to install a number of things that only come as executables - annoyingly - like the net frame stuff.

    Fun to do it.

    I just updated my Vista install media.

    If it is win8 ( Lord knows why you would bother with that )- there aren't all that many updates yet

    WSUS Offline Update - Update Microsoft Windows and Office without an Internet connection

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    Is there a list like that for Windows 8? Like since the launch of the RTM.
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    I got that off my system.

    I haven't got win8 installed atm

    Just check windows update - select "installed updates" , there are so few, you should be able to do it that way.
    Or you can just do this:

    dism /online /get-packages /format:table /English >c:\Packages.txt
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Installing all the updates offline?
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