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WTF? New computer, and I have to PAY?

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    WTF? New computer, and I have to PAY?

    WTF? New computer qualifying and THEY want me to PAY for this supposing FREE Upgrade from Windows 7 to 8!!
    Microsoft phone person: It is a small amount to send you image file link, and COA to your email account. This is BULLSHYT!!! They are asking $14.99 to send me a FREE upgrade. Has Microsoft became SCAMMERS too? Going to call Acer to b*tch them out!

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    So, what happened exactly?

    You bought a new computer and it was supposed to have a Free Upgrade to Windows 8, but they want to charge you $30 for it.
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    Hmm... These days:

    FREE = $14.99;

    Pretty weird, and it looks like BULLSHYT for me too.
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    Right!! Some FREE upgrade offer!! pparks, I corrected that, they want $14.99, not $30.00 like I said originally. Raise your hands if you are loving Microsoft.
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    I don't think it was ever free for win8 upgrade.

    It was free for win7 .

    The problem with that was - oem's would charge random amounts for "shipping" - anywhere from nothing to $30.

    At least it is standard this way.

    I think you were misinformed if you thought it was free.

    Unless Acer are doing some extra special offer where they will pay the $14.99 for you. It doesn't seem very likely.
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    I had gotten with a HP laptop computer Windows Vista a free upgrade to Windows 7. They HONORED it, no charge to me.
    I won't be EVER purchasing another Acer computer.
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    Who said it was a FREE upgrade? MS said it was a $14.99 upgrade.

    Also shows the same thing on ACER website.

    Click image for larger version

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    I think the only free, or at least reimbursement, is if you buy one of their ultrabooks.
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    I think it is a gypperooni. We're HERE putting our hardware at risk, and no reward?
    I wonder if those programmers built it for free? And people work for free?
    Do you Brink? Since the days of Windows 2000, PC magazine gave you a 30 day eval copy of
    Windows to subscribers or newsstand buyers, so getting an early view isn't payment IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    I think it is a gypperooni. We're HERE putting our hardware at risk, and no reward? don't have to run it. It used to be free with Vista to Windows 7, but nobody ever said it was free from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I never heard anything official other than $14.99. I think i have heard you say before that because you beta test you feel obligated to receive a free copy. Well, seems those days are going by the way side. Now, the betas go free to everybody and they can try. If they like what they see, they can buy.
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WTF? New computer, and I have to PAY?
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