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Leaked RTM users -- LEGIT way to stop activate windows message appeari

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    Leaked RTM users -- LEGIT way to stop activate windows message appeari

    Hi there
    I know whatever people advise that loads of people are using the Leaked RTM build. However you will run into those "Please activate Windows" prompts at the bottom right of the screen which doesn't really help when trying out the desktop GUI.

    You can turn these off LEGITIMTELY by the old way of running in admin command mode slmg -rearm (you need the - before rearm) and reboot your system.

    This isn't a registry hack or keygen -- it's a perfectly legal command in the Windows command set so available for public use (if they know about it).

    Then it's fine again - I suspect for another 30 days or whenever the expiry has been set for -- might be 3 days --don't know as I have one or two things more I want to try with this version and then it's GONE.

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    how do i know how many days left before the trial days expire.. what command or where should i find how many days i have before the rearm? thanks.
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    Typo, Jimbo The command is slmgr -rearm

    FWIW. As far as I can ascertain, that gap has also been closed in an unactivated RTM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    Tyĺpo, Jimbo The command is slmgr -rearm
    This is exactly the way you did it with VISA. You could do it up to 3 times. After reading what Brink said, reminded me that it was best to wait till almost the last day so that you could get more days. I don't remember the details but I do know that slmgr -rearm was the command.
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    A better way to do it is to restart explorer.exe. There are 1000 rearms, each giving you 180 days.
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    Yet that just makes the nag watermark go away - it doesn't solve the fact that the OS customization and synchronization with your Microsoft account, which is what stops working after the timer fires, is still in place.
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    For the Start Screen background, create a shortcut on your desktop to "<driveletter>:\Windows\System32\oobe\msoobe.exe". Run it, and choose your color combo choice. For the lock screen, if I recall there are .reg files to change them. As for Microsoft synchronization, I myself don't use it at all, so it's not much of a problem. I don't know much about anyone else.
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Leaked RTM users -- LEGIT way to stop activate windows message appeari
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