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Fresh install - do I need to install every update?

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    8.1 update

    Fresh install - do I need to install every update?

    I've just done a fresh install of Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.

    I have installed all the security updates and .net updates.
    However, I have 101 "Important" updates totalling 400MB and a 2017-09 security monthly quality rollup of almost 300MB.

    Are these updates super necessary or can I safely ignore them?


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    I'd install them all, because there will be some updates to the mechanism that allows the new unified updates past October 2016.
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    8.1 update

    Thanks for that. I suppose I am a bit concerned because there are sites like AskWoody that don't advocate installing every update.
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    I install everything but the telemetry updates. This is what I have hidden.

    Click image for larger version
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    8.1 update

    Ahh yes, Telemetry updates - thanks for that. I knew there was something to look out for. I have done that on my Win 7 machine as i check as i go along. Microsoft are making it harder to know what goes into each update though now.

    What about the monthly rollups? Do you install those?
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    The Monthly Rollup are pretty much a necessary evil unfortunately It's a better option than running an out of date system. That's what happened with the Wannacry Virus after people turned off updates to keep from getting forced Win 10 downgrades. Reinstalls of Win 7 are a lot simpler using the Simplix Pack. I usually wait a few Days after the new version links are posted on MyDigitalLife to let the Gurus check them before I download.
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    Last time I did a clean reinstall of Win8.1, I was faced with over 200 Windows Updates.

    I did find this list, which I added to over time, of the Updates to avoid:

    KB3146449 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 7/8
    KB3138612 - Fishy update to for Windows Updates
    KB3135449 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 8
    KB3123862 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 7/8
    KB3112336 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 8
    KB3102812 - Fixes an issue regarding long wait while searching for Windows Updates but also has Windows 10 Upgrade preparation for Windows 8
    KB3093983 - Microsoft claims it's a security update but it contains IE spying
    KB3090045 - Windows 10 Upgrade Update for Windows 7/8
    KB3088195 - MS claims it's a security update but also has a key logger on the Kernel Level)
    KB3086255 - Flagged as an Important update. It disables SafeDisc games in Windows Vista, 7, and 8/8.1)
    KB3083711 - Update for the Windows Update client with sketchy details for Windows 8
    KB3083325 - Windows 10 Upgrade preparation for Windows 8
    KB3081454 - Windows 10 Upgrade preparation
    KB3081437 - Windows 10 Upgrade preparation
    KB3080149 - telemetry -hid
    KB3075853 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 8
    KB3075249 - telemetry -hid
    KB3072318 - Windows 10 Upgrade preparation for Windows 8
    KB3074677 - Windows 10 Upgrade preparation
    KB3068708 - telemetry
    KB3065988 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 8
    KB3064683 - Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 8
    KB3050265 - Windows Update service updated to accept upgrade to W10
    KB3044374 - W8,8.1 Nagware for W10
    KB3042058 - MS claims its a security update but it contains Winlogon Spying)
    KB3035583 - Windows 10 upgrade preparation - won't uninstall
    KB3022345 - telemetry - won't uninstall
    KB3015249 - Adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 7/8
    KB3021917 - Same as KB 2976978 but on Windows 7
    KB3012973 - Force Trigger Download and Install of Windows 10
    KB2990214 - Same as KB 3044374 but on Windows 7
    KB2977759 - Windows 10 Upgrade preparation
    KB2976978 - Windows 10 upgrade preparation
    KB2952664 - Windows 10 upgrade preparation
    KB2505438 - claims to fix performance issues, it often breaks fonts
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Fresh install - do I need to install every update?
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