Hi Everybody -
I have 8.1 & I'm the Administrator (& only user). For the last few months I haven't been able to get my Windows Updates to download. They look to be downloading and installing but after quite awhile they give me a 80246008 error. My research tells me that I need to have BITS running. (For those who know as little as I do it's the Background Intelligent Transfer Service).
So I went to service.msc which shows that BITS is running on automatic. (I also saw something online about COM+EVENT being a possible problem. That is also running on automatic. Then I saw possible problems with Remote Procedure Call. That is running on automatic).

I like to check my Resource Monitor and found that BITS is not running and I can't get it to run. Windows Update is running in processes and is pulling 25% CPU. I never noticed because my computer didn't slow down. I can't find COM+EVENT in the Monitor. Windows Update is Wuauserv and next to netsvcs.

So off to Process Explorer. Under a svchost.exe I found 13 items in the one containing Windows Update. It's also pulling 25%. I can list the other 12 programs there if you need to know them. I didn't look for BITS since it's a service.
So BITS is running in services.msc and not in my Resource Monitor. I keep trying to start it there but it won't start. In researching this I only found instances where BITS needed to be turned on. I found nothing that said BITS could be running in some places and not others.

I went to the Microsoft site for curing the 80246008 error. The results were: A red X next to Problem Installing Recent Update; A green X next to Service Registration is missing or corrupt; A green X next to Windows Update Error fixed #0x80070057 - which is not anywhere near the error number that I'm trying to fix. AARRGGHH!
Thanks for any and all help. Dawn