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Automatic updates enabled for Defender ONLY?

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    Automatic updates enabled for Defender ONLY?

    I have automatic Windows Update turned off - simply download and notify me when necessary, but do not automatically install; this allows me to review and reject "updates" I simply don't want - usually having to do with intimate tracking and/or Windows 10-anything on this 8.1 system.

    Unfortunately, this affects Windows Defender updates as well, meaning I get notifications every day about a need to install updates, sometimes more than once per day.

    Is there a way to turn ON automatic updates for Windows Defender without turning on automatic updates for everything?

    [post-post edit: after checking here and posting this, I checked everywhere via Google Search and found a workable, yet not very satisfactory, thorough answer - essentially set up a task (as noted here, too) that fires off "regularly". So I'll be trying that]
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Automatic updates enabled for Defender ONLY?
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