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Need win8 long enough to install win10 - can't find my key

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    Need win8 long enough to install win10 - can't find my key

    I bought 3 win8 keys from MS way back in 2012. Two of them are unused. I can not find the actual keys. They were on a piece of paper I can't find. I do have the "Registration Confirmations" acknowledging the keys will be sent. And I did get them.

    Does anyone know if there is anyway I can get those keys?

    I have tried googling for a key but everything it shows seems to be a crack of some sort.

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    OK. I got some ideas from another forum that look like they might work. However, I FINALLY found my keys.

    Only to find that MS seems to have wiped Win 8 from the universe. All links to download a Win 8 ISO point to 8.1 or 10. I think I may have one of those somewhere. But MS really is being a pain. No win 8 means no path from 7 to 10 without losing anything.
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    It's my understanding/belief you can install 8.1 and use a 8 product key to activate it.
    I think you would need to use a generic key when installing 8.1, and then change the product key after the install.
    See this tutorial:
    Clean Install - Windows 8
    You can ask questions in the tutorial if needed.

    If you need a clean 8.1 ISO for installation, get the ISO downloader from Heidoc here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by alternety View Post
    No win 8 means no path from 7 to 10 without losing anything.
    I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I believe you may be misinformed. You can still upgrade, the limitations are only for versions that aren't current, like 7 W/O SP1 or W8, and then only that you cannot upgrade using windows update.

    Click image for larger version

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidE View Post
    It's my understanding/belief you can install 8.1 and use a 8 product key to activate it.
    I think you would need to use a generic key when installing 8.1, and then change the product key after the install.
    I used my W8 key on a W8.1 install and it activated just fine without doing any other key.
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    I was not clear; my fault. Reading my post you are misinterpreting my need. My objective is Win 10 with no (well mostly) loss of settings or installed programs from Win 7.

    Win 7 can not be upgraded to any other version but Win 8 if all settings and installed programs are to be moved intact.
    Win 10 will not do an upgrade from either 7 or 8 while keeping all the information.
    So, get 8 running, update 8 to free 8.1 which will not lose anything.
    Then you can update from 8.1 to 10 without losing anything because 8.1 is the only earlier version that it will allow a lossless update.

    I have no idea why MS would ever have made it work this way; but they did. What a pain.

    I am in my second full day of updating 7 to 8. First pass ran from early in the afternoon to sometime in the wee hours of the next morning. I came in to see a message to take the USB drive out, reboot, and replace the USB. Then continue. I did that in the early morning, After a couple of hours, it reached 100% and said it would restart in "a few moments". As of 7:30 PM; still doing that. There are no useful indicators on the screen through the entire process except that last % done. No way to tell if it is dead, resting, or still processing. Did I mention pain?
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    I'm not sure why you think you can't upgrade directly to windows 10 and keep your settings (Those that do carry over) and programs, it can be done.

    Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation - Windows 10 Forums

    You are doing things in a very convoluted method to get to an outcome that you can get by just downloading the W10 installer and following either step 4, 7 or 8 in the above linked tutorial.

    I just did an in place upgrade like that, what exactly do you think you are losing anyway?
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    The reason I believed that was a post I read from an expert that I believed said that and provided the work-around.

    I am looking at other information to verify which view is correct. Thanks for pointing it out. I would certainly cut out a lot of grief. I have so far tried to upgrade Win 7 Pro; failed both times with no reasons given.
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    Every time I try another direction; garbage falls from the sky.

    Here is the full explanation of what I am attempting to do.

    I have an old Win 7 Pro motherboard with problems. I have a new motherboard sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting for the cpu cooler from the current Win 7 machine. My new objective was to wind up with Win 10 on the new MB using Win 7 Pro to supply the key. From your input, it should work (I.e., move settings and apps) if I just moved the Win 7 image to the new MB using Reflect's (backup system) function that does that.

    Then, to be safe, I looked into the existing Win 7 and found what appears to be an OEM key. I had not realized there were any OEM keys running around here. Which means if I upgrade to Win 10 from there, Win 10 will not be movable when this new MB fails or gets too old. Now I know my Win 8 keys are not OEM. So I now have to get Win 7 on the new MB and try upgrading from that point with Win 8 again.

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    Do you really need to do an Upgrade Install ?
    Can a Clean Install work for you ?
    A Clean Install means you will have to re-install all programs and settings.

    Now you say the Win 7 license is an OEM license.
    Technically/legally that license can't be transferred to a different PC (motherboard).
    It won't activate on the new motherboard, and that might be what is causing your issues with your approach.
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    Yes I need an upgrade. There are applications that cannot be reinstalled. They also may not work after upgrade; but I won't know until I try. I believe you are correct about moving Win 7. If it will run long enough to let me upgrade it to 8.1, it could work.

    It is my understanding that (and I have obviously had a wrong understanding before) Win 10 will upgrade anything. But will not allow me to move the resulting Win 10 if I need to replace a MB in the future. Evidence that this is not true would be quite helpful.

    If there is a way to upgrade the Win 7 and give Win 10 an 8.1 key at the time; simplification would result.

    If, after reading the whole thread, someone can suggest a simpler process I would promise you my first born. A warning here; I am real old.
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Need win8 long enough to install win10 - can't find my key
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