So it's been awhile since I got my pc and I felt it was getting pretty gummed up with misc files and what not. I figured that a factory reset might not be a bad decision. Except I didn't do a full reset, I just removed all the files on it. Anyway, I loaded it up and it was working fine, I restored a select few files and began downloading things from my Dropbox backup. I left for college orientation and when I came back, it said "failure configuring Windows update. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer." I wasn't sure how long it had been like that so I waited 15-20 minutes with no change. So I did exactly what it told me not to. I turned it off and when I turned it back on it said "configuring Windows update" and then it went back to saying it failed and then it was a loop of attempting and failing. I was upset so I just ran my hand across my keyboard a couple times and it eventually loaded up the login screen. All was good but a program needed a restart and instead of giving me the option to restart it just said update at the power button. So I updated and it said installing Windows update 120 out of 182. I waited for that to finish and now it's once again stuck at the failed to configure Windows update. Please tell me what I need to do or how to fix this! Thank you ahead of time and sorry for the long story.

Edit: I do have a graphics card that's different from the original one in the pc, if that means anything