I recently re-installed everything from scratch, because of new MotherBoard.
The Windows 8 copy is from the age of the pre-releases.
In the first installation, I got everything installed (OS,drivers, apps). Then I tried to do updates. After the updates AutoCAD 2009 and Neverwinter Online stopped working. The first kept crushing. The second didn't pass through the loading screen. I read about specific windows updates - especially security updates that conflict with specific programms.
I did another installation from scratch (format again) and I didn't install any updates yet. Now I get random BSoD, that I used to get from the early days of the release.
Is there some kind of list of updates to do and updates to avoid to fix the BSoD issue, without messing with other programms' combatibility issues?

PS to my understanding, judging from the amount of data to download for the updates, it is as if Microsoft has re-writen the whole Windows OS from scratch. 3GB original DVD, almost 2GB updates.