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Why am i getting so many optional updates offered ?

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    Why am i getting so many optional updates offered ?

    Why am i getting so many optional updates offered for Win 8.1 ?
    Last month i had 22 optional updates offered, now i have 34.
    Is anyone else seeing this, or is it something with my 8.1 install ?

    I keep my systems updated, and now research optionals to decide if i want them because of Win 10 optionals i don't want.
    I never had this issue before last month, and i'm not seeing this many optionals offered in Win 7 (or Win 10).
    It's not causing me any problems, it's just weird, imho.

    Win 8.1 and Win 10 check for updates and install them "quickly", so i don't have an issue with Win Updates being slow.

    I see a lot of optionals published on 4/19/2016.
    I'll post screen prints if that will help.

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    I can't really comment on the recent ones David, but I do remember getting batches like that occasionally when I had 8.1.

    A lot of them seemed innocuous or even not needed for my specific machine, I just installed them anyway to see if they would corrupt anything, I don't believe any of them did.
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    I had 22 last month as you, but last week 12
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    I had 22 from last month i didn't do anything with, and 12 more from last week, that's why i had 34.
    It seemed like a lot of optionals to me, but i guess it's normal.

    Thanks Derek and TemiVec for the help
    Thread solved.
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    You're welcome David.
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Why am i getting so many optional updates offered ?
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